Watch & Learn: Can taxpayers afford the contract CPS offered to CTU? CTU in 8th school day of striking for more? Cable & Web

This morning’s City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features Illinois Channel’s Executive Director Terry Martin and Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz dissecting the proposed and now more expensive CPS-CTU  contract and the current CTU strike, likely going into it’s 8th MISSED SCHOOL DAY ON MONDAY.

The half hour program  airs THIS MORNING at 8:32 am on Cable Ch. 19 (CAN TV) throughout the City of Chicago.

You can also watch, 24/7, the program featuring Berkowitz and Martin by clicking here.

The Program was taped last Sunday, October, 20, 2019

The program,ALREADY SEEN BY ALMOST 6,000 ONLINE VIEWERS, also airs this coming week: 

–in Highland Park, Monday & Wednesday, 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 19

–in Aurora on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, 6 pm on Aurora Community Television on Cable Ch. 10, aka ACTV-10.  

in Evanston, starting last Friday night, for six nights in a row (Thru and including this Wednesday) at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 6

in Rockford and surrounding areas, this Thursday, at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 17

Among the topics raised in the Program and for your consideration are:

— Is a CTU contract that add’s $550 million to the annual cost of CPS (Non-Charter) teachers by it’s 5th year affordable?

Is a CTU contract that adds about $25 million to the annual cost of CPS, for new nurses and social workers affordable?

–Are other CPS professionals, in addition to new nurses and social workers, being written this week into the new contract, and at what cost? Do these locked-in, new hires and new costs make it impossible for the Mayor and her CPS Supt. to adjust to a recession or economic downturn? Is that reasonable?

–Will affordable housing for teachers be written into the new CTU contract? Is that fair to the Mayor and the City’s taxpayers?

-Will Mayor Lightfoot be forced by the new CTU contract to turn many of her powers and that of the City Council over to CTU President Jesse Sharkey?

–Will the CTU contract grow even further the already excessive CTU pension costs?

— Will the average salary of a CPS teacher balloon to $100K per year under the new contract?

— Are CPS teacher salaries already higher than all other comparable inner city schools, prior to the higher costs of the new CTU contract?

Are CPS teacher teacher pensions for a 30 year retiring teacher already at 70 K per year, and will they double over the next 25 years to 140K per year?

–Is the new CTU contract that is still evolving affordable to the City’s taxpayers?

For all the above questions, we discuss and you decide.

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