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Jeff Berkowitz: So, the cop gets out of his car, shoots sixteen times in six seconds a 16 year old black teen who is …walking away from the cop…

Berkowitz: …Mayor Emanuel keeps the Laquan McDonald video from the public, Emanuel is re-elected…a War on Cops or War on Blacks?

Now it’s Lightfoot v. Preckwinkle;  Is the Laquan Mac Donald murder by a Chicago cop & tonight’s discussion relevant to the April Chicago Mayoral Election? 

Heather Mac Donald: …You could remove all police shootings in Chicago… stop them entirely, and you would have an entirely negligible effect on the “Black death by homicide,” rate… because blacks are being killed overwhelmingly by other blacks.

Mac Donald: Police need better tactical training [to avoid] the appalling tactical decisions that resulted in Laquan McDonald’s shooting but…


Public Affairs, featuring Heather Mac Donald, a senior fellow at the free market oriented Manhattan Institute, airs:

Tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV] throughout the City of Chicago

You can also watch, 24/7, Heather Mac Donald, author of the still extremely topical, NYT best selling book, “The War on Cops,” interviewed on September 28, 2016  by “Public Affairs,” show host Jeff Berkowitz, by clicking here

Taped in the Gold Coast’s Nico Osteria, with an intriguing, Mona Lisa type smiling counselor in the background, the show is just as relevant today as it was in 2016 [CLICK here to see Berkowitz assess Chicago’s 2019 mayoral contest and impact of Laquan McDonald shooting]

The attractive, smart mysterious woman, who counseled the host on this production.

The on screen, mysterious & omnicient Modern American Woman who counseled the host prior to the show.

Society continues to grapple with balancing the use of procedures that allow police to make the public safer by employing pro-active policing with the passage of laws that protect constitutional civil liberties for all of its citizens. Does the recently adopted consent decree between the City of Chicago and the Illinois AG, Lisa Madigan, do that? We will discuss that in upcoming shows.


A partial transcript of tonight’s show is included, below:

Jeff Berkowitz: We have as our guest, Heather Mac Donald … who wrote, “The War on Cops.” We are taping this show in Nico Osteria, Chicago, on September 28, 2016… and  just about 2 years ago [now 4 yrs] Laquan McDonald– you know that name?

Heather Mac Donald: Sure.

Heather Mac Donald: Really, Jeff, must we debate everything?

Heather Mac Donald, yet another Modern American Woman & best selling author whose range of research interests and written subject matter includes, but is not limited to, higher education, policing and race relations.

Berkowitz: So, the cop [Jason Van Dyke] gets out, six cops are already there and they are doing nothing, so the cop… shoots sixteen times in six seconds a kid (Laquan McDonald) who appears to have been harmless and walking away from the cop [Van Dyke] when the cop gets out of his car.

Berkowitz: McDonald is doing nothing, African-American, he has a [3 inch] knife, harming nobody, and then the kid is dead… there is a cover-up by the State’s Attorney of Cook County, Anita Alvarez.  Ok- not a cover up, but a year later, Alvarez still hasn’t indicted [the shooter– the cop, but Alvarez did indict Van Dyke 2 months after the taping of this show. Van Dyke was convicted of murder in a Cook County trial and sentence to six years, which means he would likely serve about 3 yrs. The Illinois AG is appealing and asking the Illinois Supremes for a longer sentence].

Berkowitz: There is a video of the incident… you have to know this is a murder after a month or two of an investigation. A year goes by, nothing from the State’s Attorney, Mayor Emanuel keeps the video [from the the public], the Mayor is re-elected….War on Cops or War on Blacks? Come on…

Heather Mac Donald: Jeff, Laquan McDonald was an appalling shooting by the [Chicago] Police Department. The false narrative that was put out by those cops and not blocked by Police Supt. Garry McCarthy [now a failed 2019 Candidate for Chicago Mayor] or the Detectives Bureau was a complete betrayal of the public trust. But that is one police shooting.

Mac Donald: This year in Chicago 3000 people [as of Sep. 28, 2016] have been shot. If the Black Lives Matter narrative is correct, since almost all those victims have been black, you would assume that cops are responsible for a considerable part of those shootings.

Mac Donald: In fact, the cops have shot 18 people, six of them lethally, virtually all armed and dangerous, that’s 0.6 % of all people who have been shot in Chicago.

Heather Mac Donald: Absolutely, the police need better tactical training, not to make the appalling tactical decisions that resulted in the Laquan McDonald shooting. But, you could remove all police shootings, in Chicago or as a whole, stop them entirely, and you would have an entirely negligible effect on the black death by homicide rate because blacks are being killed overwhelming by other blacks [who are not police].


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