Watch Berkowitz w Vallas on CPS educational issues, Chicago's violence, Chicago's pension mess & jobs: Cable in City & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Paul Vallas, Part 2. Vallas is one of the top 5 candidates for Chicago mayor in the February 26, 2019 election.

The PUBLIC AFFAIRS show airs tonight throughout the city at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV]. 

Although there are 14 candidates on the ballot, only 8 have any chance to win it.

Each of the 8 has his or her OWN LANE, and each is focusing on the voters and campaign techniques for that LANE.

Paul’s lane is comprised of voters who want somebody with a specific plan for the key issues.

Paul strength is he has a plan for each issue: Corruption, education, pensions, violence, business growth & jobs.

And, his plans weren’t written for him.  He devised the plans, knows them and can explain them to all voters.

If only he had the money to reach the voters to tell them about his plans, he would win for sure.

Without the money, he has a shot, but it is a long shot.

Daley has outraised him almost 6 to 1, Preckwinkle almost 4 to 1.

And, if you look at cash on hand, it is even worse.  But, Vallas does have a shot.   


Part 2 of the two part Vallas series focuses more on substantive issues (Pensions, education, violence & jobs)  and less on public corruption.  Watch Vallas, Part 2, by clicking here, to see him discuss and debate the election’s key issues with show host Berkowitz.  

Watch the Paul Vallas Public Affairs show, Part 1 by clicking here [Vallas: “This is how the Machine works, this is all Pay to Play.”] 


 –Vallas takes on the Dem. Party Machine early in his political career and currently   

Vallas came within two points in 2002 of beating the Democratic Party Machine when it chose to support Rod Blagojevich in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary.

In Part 1, Vallas goes to his current Machine Battle, discussing a number of “Burke Four,” issues with show host Jeff Berkowitz.

A criminal complaint was filed by the U. S. Attorney’s Office in the N. D. of IL on Jan. 2, 2019 accusing Chicago Ald. Ed. Burke of engaging in a shakedown in 2017 that sought to illegally use his power as an Alderman and Chairman, Finance Committee to obtain business for his law firm from an owner of about 100 restaurants in a 6 county area surrounding Chicago.

–Who are the Burke Four and what ties them to Burke?

Vallas views four of his opponents in the Mayor’s race: Toni Preckwinkle, Susana Mendoza, Gery Chico and Bill Daley as the Burke Four, due to their strong monetary and other connections to the 75 year old Alderman, Ed Burke.

For example, Ald. Burke raised about $115,000 for Cook County Board President Preckwinkle in support of her re-election effort re the County Board Presidency. Also, as a part of his shakedown, Burke is accused of inducing a restaurant owner to give a 10 K contribution to Preckwinkle.

Preckwinkle in turn has been accused of returning some of Burke’s favors by giving a $100, 000 year Cook County job to Burke’s son, even though Burke’s son was up to his eyeballs in allegations of sexual misconduct in his prior job in Sheriff Tom Dart’s office. Did Preckwinkle call Dart and endeavor to find out if Burke’s son was in good standing in that job? She did talk to Ald. Burke about hiring his son.

Comptroller and Mayor Candidate Mendoza was married in Ald. Burke’s home and she has thanked him for mentoring her and helping her in her election to State Rep., City Clerk and State Comptroller. Questions have been raised as to what Burke expects in return.

Mayor Candidate Bill Daley and his family have apparently had long time relationships and deals, political and otherwise, with Ed Burke, including Burke’s support of Richard M. Daley in 1989 for Mayor in exchange for the Daleys supporting Ed Burke for Finance Chair.

Gery Chico also apparently has had long time deals and arrangements with Ald. Burke. In this race, Burke essentially endorsed Chico for Mayor. Chico has now said that Burke just said Chico was the best qualified to be Mayor, which Chico didn’t think of as an endorsement. And, in any case, Chico would decline Burke’s endorsement now.

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