Berkowitz w Chi Mayoral Candidate Fioretti on Bill Daley using gov power to help his son, Preckwinkle shaking...Cable & Web .

Bill Daley, Preckwinkle and Mendoza, three of the Burke Four demonstrating Pay to Play, Shakedown’s and the Chicago Machine in action?

  1. Fioretti argues Bill Daley’s son, William Daley, Jr., improperly benefitted about 9 years ago from the City’s parking meter deal…
  2. Fioretti ties Preckwinkle to Ald. Ed Burke’s “shakedown”of each slated candidate for Judge …to the tune of $50,000
  3. Fioretti says Mendoza was given a City of Chicago job when she was a State Rep. as a way for Mayor Daley to control her votes

The Burke Four, offered an opportunity to come on Public Affairs, to rebut these and other allegations all said THEY WERE TOO BUSY to do so.

Tonight’s Chicago metro North and Northwest suburban edition of Public Affairs (See airing schedule details, below) features Bob Fioretti, Chicago Mayoral candidate, who never wanted to be in the BURKE FOUR or have anything to do with the CHICAGO MACHINE.

Watch Key one minute segment of Fioretti Public Affairs show by clicking here [5:18 to 6:20 for the alleged Preckwinkle shakedown].

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Just 8 years ago, Chicago mayoral candidate Mendoza was married at Ald. Burke’s home. 18 years ago, Burke gave Mendoza her start as a “Burke made State Rep.” The ties that bind.

And, who hasn’t received a Burkean tie to wear proudly, just like the Burke Four were so proud of those ties they each had with their mentor, Ed Burke, before it hit the fan– and they threw Ed Burke under the bus– or tried to.

Watch Fioretti Public Affairs entire 29 minute show by clicking here

Tonight’s episode of Public Affairs, taped on January 25, 2019, features Bob Fioretti, former two term Chicago Alderman and mayoral candidate in the February 26, 2019 election.

Fioretti says he was re-districted out of his 2nd Ward aldermanic seat in 2015 for refusing to go along with Rich Daley’s and Emanuel’s pay to play politics.

Fioretti ties Preckwinkle to Ald. Ed Burke’s “shakedown”of  each slated candidate for Judge in Cook County to the tune of $50,000 for the Cook County Democratic Party.  

Fioretti argues to show host Berkowitz the BURKE FOUR- Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Chico and Daley- are heavily tied to Democratic Party Machine & Pay to Play politics in Chicago, and these things relate to the alleged shakedown by Burke of a Burger King restaurant franchisee.

 Fioretti also argues that Burke and Chico helped raise money for Preckwinkle in her Cook County Bd President Dem Primary in exchange for future government benefits.

Fioretti argues that Ed Burke “Made” Chico and his law firms by sending a lot of business to them in exchange for Chico “Playing to get paid,” including helping Burke raise money for various candidates, e.g., Toni Preckwinkle.

Some people also argue that Burke got Chico to enter Mayor’s race to drain votes from fellow Latina Mendoza in effort to help Preckwinkle in the Mayor’s race.

Fioretti argues Burke helped Mendoza get elected as State Rep, City Clerk and Comptroller in exchange for her helping Burke with various Democratic Party objectives, and helping Burke personally with his various efforts to enforce pay to play.

Fioretti argues Mendoza was given a City of Chicago job when she was a State Rep. as a way for Mayor Daley to control how Mendoza voted as State Rep. on issues of importance to Daley. Of course, this arrangement also gave Burke more control over Mendoza.

Fioretti says Mendoza helped Patti Solis’ backed companies and entities in exchange for them giving contributions to her campaigns. Mendoza recently diverted Solis related company money from her mayoral campaign to charities that will increase her black vote for Mayor. This is arguably Pay to Play– as entities who gave Mendoza money expected favors from her when she gave them priority of payments as vendors.

Ald. Danny Solis wore a wire for the Feds during the last two years to tape Burke. People who do this are usually charged with illegal activity and then their prison sentence is structured to reflect the value of their assistance to the Feds.  So, it is expected Danny and possibly Patti Solis, two pals of Mendoza, will be charged soon for illegal activities.

Preckwinkle put Ald Burke’s son in a $100,000 Cook County job, even though he faced allegations of improper sexual statements at his Cook County Sheriff’s Job. This job “gift” appears related to Burke’s help raising money for  Preckwinkle.  

Fioretti argues Bill Daley’s son, William Daley, Jr., improperly benefitted about 9 years ago from the City’s parking meter deal, because William worked for Morgan Stanley, where, Bill & Morgan Stanley. wired by the City, led a major consortium putting that deal together.  And, allegedly, Bill Daley was able to help his son’s firm get that deal because Bill was a senior advisor to his brother, Mayor Daley.

Fioretti gives his views regarding the LaQuan McDonald murder by policeman Van Dyke, including (1) how that murder may have related to improper training, discipline and oversight by Garry McCarthy of the Chicago police department and (2) an alleged cover-up of the improper shooting & murder of Van Dyke, as well as cover-up of the existence of a video of the murder.

Fioretti discusses how to raise needed money for Chicago and CPS pensions in short and long run (including a commuter tax and legalization of video gambling). Also discussed is amending IL constitution on pension issues, empowerment of cities to file for bankruptcy, rape& sex harassment issues at CPS and dealing with violence in Chicago.

Also discussed is cash on hand for various candidates in Mayor’s race (including 500K raised recently by Ald. Fioretti from Buddy Guy) and why Fioretti believes he is best Mayor candidate.

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