Trump shocks the nation with a Presidential win and the Rs keep control of Congress

–Trump named Presidential Winner by Fox early this morning

The Fox News Channel, ahead of the other networks, called Pennsylvania for Trump at 1:40 am this morning and called Trump the Presidential winner with 274 electoral votes.  At that time, the other networks still had not called Wisconsin for Trump. Even as of this time, no winner has been declared in Michigan, Arizona and Alaska.

Shortly before Fox called Trump the winner, Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, told the Clinton supporters to go home because the votes were still being counted and said Clinton would not have anything to say until much later this morning. Clinton is now scheduled to address the country this morning at 9:30 am (CST).

–Hillary concedes and Trump gives “Pitch Perfect,” victory speech

Shortly thereafter, Clinton changed her mind and spoke with Trump, by having her assistant, Huma Amedin (who was in hiding for the last 10 days), call Trump on Kellyanne Conway’s cell phone, to concede in a conversation that lasted one minute, with Trump complimenting Secretary Clinton on her smarts and toughness.  Trump proceeded to his HQ in NYC and announced his victory to his supporters shortly after 2 am.

In what most agreed was a “Pitch perfect,” speech, Trump spoke graciously of his opponent as a candidate who had worked hard for her country and served it well. The first promise Trump made to the nation after becoming President-elect was to say that he would rebuild  the inner cities.

President-Elect Trump then said he would rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, creating millions of jobs and doubling economic growth in the U. S.

Trump had his wife and all of his kids, Pence and his family and Rudy Guiliani on the stage with him and he thanked them all profusely, along with his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who most credit with turning Trump’s campaign around several months ago.

–Republicans keep House and Senate

The Republicans kept the House, losing only six seats, giving them a 54 seat margin over the Democrats [They can lose 27 members and still win the vote].

The Republicans kept the Senate, winning Wisconsin (Johnson), North Carolina (Burr), Indiana (Young) and Pensylvania (Toomey), but losing New Mexico, where their candidate (Hecht) had disavowed Trump.  New Hampshire was too close to call, but most likely Kelly Ayotte will be declared the winner later this morning, giving the Republicans a 51-48 margin.

Louisiana had a “Jungle” primary yesterday, with multiple Democrats and Republicans running against each other, and the top 2, Republican John Kennedy (25%) and Democrat Foster Campbell (17%), will compete in a run-off on December 3, 2016.  Kennedy is favored to win, but even if Kennedy and Ayette lose, the Republicans will maintain control of the Senate with VP Pence casting a tie breaking vote for the Republicans.

–Breaking Grid-lock

So, with the Republicans, as of January 20, 2017, controlling the House, Senate and Presidency, the nation may be about to find out what it is like for Government to operate without grid-lock. Perhaps.

Since the Senate rules require 60%, effectively, on many matters to pass legislation, the Republican majorities and control of the Presidency may allow that Party to govern more effectively—but it and President Trump will certainly be tested.

On the other hand, it is said the new Senate minority leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, as a fellow New Yorker who is well familiar with Donald Trump, may be just the guy to work with Trump on the “Art of the Deal.”


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