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Reclassification of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to Post-Traumatic Stress Injury

A disorder is defined as a “disturbance in physical or mental health functions,” but Chicago-based Eugene Lipov, M.D. (developer of Stellate Ganglion Block for treatment of PTSD) and Frank Ochberg, M.D. of East Lansing, Mich. (the psychiatrist who coined ‘Stockholm Syndrome’) agree that the word “disorder,” when associated with PTSD, completely misses the mark because the condition is... Read more »

The evolution of PTSD over the centuries

Last week, I wrote about “Shell Shock,” a term and condition that came into vogue in the midst of World War One. Shell shock was the precursor to today’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since then, I had the pleasure of meeting with the world-renowned, Chicago-based physician Eugene G. Lipov M.D., who co-authored Exit Strategy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:... Read more »

One-hundred years from Shell Shock to PTSD

A century ago, World War I–the war to end all wars–brought death and destruction literally and figuratively on an industrial scale throughout Europe, and parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, China, and off the coasts of North and South America. Very few soldiers were immune to the psychological wounds of war. The term “Shell... Read more »

Is Ecstasy (aka MDMA) the "medical marijuana" equivalent for PTSD sufferers?

Putting legality (or illegality) aside, is Ecstasy the panacea for PTSD? New research announced today highlights positive results with MDMA under strict clinical supervision by medical professionals using a pure MDMA, as opposed to the potentially dangerous form sold on the streets. Check out the rest of the story, courtesy of IVN:

Survey for Native American veterans who may have experienced combat-related stress or know others who have

At the request of Greg Urquhart, a Washington State University professor, I’m posting the below survey for Native American veterans who may have experienced combat-related stress and/or anyone else who may know a Native American veteran struggling with the condition. The survey’s intent is to increase the body of knowledge about Native American veterans and... Read more »

U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs publishes huge amount of research data on PTSD

The current issue of the PTSD Research Quarterly contains some startling new information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Over the years, the diagnosis of PTSD has undergone numerous changes as researchers discover more and more of the thousands of different ways that PTSD can destroy the lives of those afflicted with this serious medical condition. The Diagnostic and... Read more »

University of Pennsylvania PTSD research released today

Study shows new research suggests a kind of prolonged exposure therapy is more successful than supportive therapy for teen girls who struggle with PTSD due to sexual abuse. Full article courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania and Futurity. In short, the modified form of prolonged exposure therapy patients revisit and recount aloud their trauma-related thoughts, feelings, and situations.... Read more »