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Whatever happened to the respect for school teachers and why are some affected by PTSD?

As a card-carrying member of the the baby-boom generation, I’m shocked by the disrespect against school teachers. From the first day of kindergarten (in 1969), I quickly learned about the obedience of one’s elders and, especially, our teachers. If you deviated from the drill, your teacher and/or principal would not hesitate to call your parents.... Read more »

9/11 continues to take toll on those close to attack

How quickly the time has flown since that dreadful day 14 years ago when America was changed forever. The attack also had a profound affect on the lives of those first responders including police, fire and construction crews who rushed in during the weeks and months after the dust settled. For those of us who... Read more »

Long time away from blog

I’ve been away from the blog for quite some time due to an illness, but I’m back in the saddle again. I apologize for the 7-month hiatus and look forward to resuming my postings.