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Upwards of 80,000 U.S. military veterans struggling with PTSD are in line for "discharge upgrades"

Approximately 80,000 U.S. military veterans–going as far back as those who served in Vietnam–may be able to receive “discharge upgrades” as a result of their combat-related PTSD. The upgrades were outlined in a memo from earlier this month from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. According to a story published today in the The Times of Trenton (NJ), veterans... Read more »

The evolution of PTSD over the centuries

Last week, I wrote about “Shell Shock,” a term and condition that came into vogue in the midst of World War One. Shell shock was the precursor to today’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since then, I had the pleasure of meeting with the world-renowned, Chicago-based physician Eugene G. Lipov M.D., who co-authored Exit Strategy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:... Read more »