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First responder in Michigan City I-94 pileup...“It’ll live with us forever’’

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, witnesses, and first responders. The carnage of last evening’s Michigan City I-94 crash had an affect on incident-hardened first responders who have seen just about everything. Today’s Chicago Tribune coverage, including Rosemary Regina Sobol’s solemn and revealing interview with Volunteer Fire Chief Mick Pawlik, mirrors the thoughts and... Read more »

Survey for Native American veterans who may have experienced combat-related stress or know others who have

At the request of Greg Urquhart, a Washington State University professor, I’m posting the below survey for Native American veterans who may have experienced combat-related stress and/or anyone else who may know a Native American veteran struggling with the condition. The survey’s intent is to increase the body of knowledge about Native American veterans and... Read more »

More news about PTSD Exposure Therapy

As a followup to my earlier post about exposure therapy, for those of us who struggle with PTSD…another article is published about the therapy and a drug that works by changing the epigenome. More info and the full story:

U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs publishes huge amount of research data on PTSD

The current issue of the PTSD Research Quarterly contains some startling new information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Over the years, the diagnosis of PTSD has undergone numerous changes as researchers discover more and more of the thousands of different ways that PTSD can destroy the lives of those afflicted with this serious medical condition. The Diagnostic and... Read more »

University of Pennsylvania PTSD research released today

Study shows new research suggests a kind of prolonged exposure therapy is more successful than supportive therapy for teen girls who struggle with PTSD due to sexual abuse. Full article courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania and Futurity. In short, the modified form of prolonged exposure therapy patients revisit and recount aloud their trauma-related thoughts, feelings, and situations.... Read more »

UK's Yourwellness Magazine Advises PTSD Patients on Rebuilding Relationships

Article focuses on military PTSD, but offers helpful advice for others… Yourwellness Magazine gave PTSD sufferers four ways to create and maintain successful intimate relationships: 1. Establish a personal support network. A strong team of professionals can help with the PTSD while the patient maintains or rebuilds relationships with family and friends. 2. Create a... Read more »