16 Things We're Thankful For at Prairie State Pigskin

16 Things We're Thankful For at Prairie State Pigskin

“I like football. I find it’s an exciting strategic game. It’s a great way to avoid conversation with our family at Thanksgiving.”

–comedian Craig Ferguson

While we at Prairie State Pigskin do enjoy talking to our families on Thanksgiving, we also enjoy talking football on this special day (and year round for that matter).

This being our first full season of our blog dedicated to Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) in Illinois, Barry and I put together this list of 16 things we’re thankful for in the Land of Lincoln, home of Prairie State Pigskin.

In no particular order, it’s time to grab a turkey leg and fill up your plate as we kick things off . . .

  1.  A playoff with more than four teams
  2.  WIU head coach Charlie Fisher’s personality; he’s a fun loving and approachable baseball lover
  3.  The early season polls that saw Illinois State, Western Illinois and Eastern Illinois all ranked in the Top 25
  4.  The promise of Southern Illinois under 30-year-old Nick Hill
  5.  Players the likes of B.J. Bello, Devin Church, David Johnson and Mitch Kimble making the most of the FBS transfer rule
  6.  The Lenoir brothers
  7.  New looks with SIU’s helmets and WIU’s purple home jerseys
  8.  Marching bands performing amid the sweet aromas of tailgates around Carbondale, Charleston, Macomb and Normal
  9.   NFL head coaches Sean Payton from EIU and Mike Zimmer from ISU along with NFL general managers Ryan Pace from EIU and Rick Spielman of SIU
  10.   Brock Spack’s mustache
  11.   Wins over FBS opponents by ISU, EIU and WIU
  12.   Performances we didn’t see coming by previously unknown players such as Steve McShane, Christopher Anderson, Sam Straub, Jason Harris and Jared Pilson to name just a few
  13.   Kim Dameron’s sense of humor
  14.   Former Illinois FCS players Cameron Meredith, Jimmy Garoppolo, MyCole Pruitt and James O’Shaughnessy making a name for themselves in the NFL (and Kevin Glenn still playing all these years later in the Canadian Football League)
  15.   Affordable FCS football at an average of $19.87 a ticket while the state’s MAC team charges approximately $33.50 for entrance & Illinois’ Big Ten teams’ asking price averages $54.10
  16.   Most of all, we’re thankful for all of our readers and their comments, likes, tweets and retweets!

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