When quitting is a good thing...

In 2015, I quit a job without a real plan ahead of me. Yes, I had some interviews lined up, but I had worked in the same job for almost a decade. And for most of that decade, I loved it. I actually liked getting up and going into the office.

When my position moved to a new office, however, my once loved environment turned toxic. A workplace bully superior began affecting my morale, my confidence, my work product, and very quickly, my health. At first, physical symptoms hit me, including exacerbated migraines and insomnia. In due course, major depression led me to seek medical help.

As a true Type A personality, quitting my job was not an initial option. I am many things, but not a quitter; the word itself carried a negative connotation for me. My issues with work, I told myself, must be a reflection of my inability to get along with others or adapt or cope…or something.

The error in this thinking rested in the fact I was blaming myself for failing to be happy in an unhealthy environment. Perhaps others are able to work full-time under constant personal and professional attacks. Maybe some are not bothered by trying to please a moving target. But I was. And maybe you are too.

In such circumstances, quitting is not merely giving up. It is necessary to make progress and move forward. That was my greatest lesson in 2015.

Allowing myself to quit allowed me to move on from bad situation into a better one. It allowed me to stop wasting my energy trying to make a situation work out, like fitting a square peg in a round hole.

Quitting was the best decision that I made for myself in 2015. Because of that decision, I have my sanity at the start of 2016.


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