When quitting is a good thing...

In 2015, I quit a job without a real plan ahead of me. Yes, I had some interviews lined up, but I had worked in the same job for almost a decade. And for most of that decade, I loved it. I actually liked getting up and going into the office. When my position moved... Read more »

A lesson from a homeless man about having enough

This past Thanksgiving week, a close friend of mine told me about her interaction with a homeless man that touched both of our hearts. Every day on her walk to and from her office and parking garage, she passes by the same homeless man. Last week, she happened to have an extra sandwich from an... Read more »

Chocolate Is Sometimes More Than an Everyday Treat

I am writing this on the eve of Halloween, a day which is centered in large part around candy. The news just reported that the favorite candy among trick-or-treaters is Reese’s peanut butter cups. Is anyone surprised by that? I am not–chocolate candy of any kind is one of my true loves, and I am... Read more »