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MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 3

Begin bedning at your waist.  As you bend with the weight, lowering it as low as is comfortable; lengthen the opposite side body.  Inhale as you com eup from the side flexion exercise.
Kettlebell training can be adapted in so many different ways.  Below you will see a yoga application of the kettlebell that happens to have great sport specific value for kicking.  The combination of having to perform this exercise while balancing on one leg makes it more than just a basic way to tighten the obliques.... Read more »

Can You Do MMA Without Fighting? MMA Training Amazing Exercise

I have been approached by several media outlets over the past year asking if the popularity of MMA, bred by reality shows like, The Ultimate Fighter  ( on SPIKE   http://www.spike.com/show/22307 )  and Fight Science (on The National Geographic channel  http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/fight-science )  has driven more students to train MMA.  The answer is Yes!  Every couple of years... Read more »

Overtraining? How do you know?

The concept of overtraining is somewhat obscure to the average person.  It is much easier to identify overtraining signs in others than it is in ourselves.  It is condition that can manifest physically or mentally for both an athlete or hard-core exerciser.  So how exactly can you identify overtraining ? Simply put it is when... Read more »