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Martial Arts Education at its best!

Andre and Amit Fit to Fight instructors training Muay Thai.
If you are a martial arts instructor or die-hard practitioner you should consider a trip to Revgear University.  This past weekend, this National event was hosted at STW Krav Maga in San Antonio, Texas.  The weekend was filled with educational seminars and training clinics.  A true martial artist’s dream.  The martial arts industry is like... Read more »

Benefits of Martial Arts -10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn

Benefits of Martial Arts -10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn
There are many benefits to learning martial arts.  The martial arts are perfect!  They offer a life-long opportunity of growth.  Beyond the physical movements that are intrinsic to the martial arts (i.e. punch, kick, block, etc)  – it is one of the few life-long endeavors that enhance your physical being, as well as your mental and... Read more »

Best MMA Exercise 2 of 5: Ground Training on Heavy Bag

Heavy Bag Ground Training A great addition to my series this week on MMA’s best exercises is grounded heavy bag work. This exercise is great for anyone who wants intense explosive training that works the upper body and core.  It is very comprehensive and can be done by even the hard-core exercisers who is just... Read more »

Best MMA Exercises 1 of 5 : Guard Sit-Up

Andrei Arlovski Performing Guard Sit-Up with Elbow Strikes. Each day this week I will post a new exercise that should be part of an MMA training program.  These exercises require an integration of explosive power, core work and strength.   If you are not an MMA fighter, which most of you are not, these are still... Read more »

The Treacherous Chinese Splits - Do not Tear Your Inner Thigh

Wikepedia defines the Chinese splits as the ‘straddle splits, in which the legs are parallel to eachother and extended in opposite directions.  Most martial arts schools use them in their training.  But many schools do not safely incorporate them into their classes.  It is important to avoid doing these splits when the body is cold. ... Read more »