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The Karate Kid? or Kung Fu Kid?

‘The Karate Kid’ remake (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1155076/) may be bugging some traditionalists in the martial arts community.  The newest martial arts film starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith features a similar story line to the classic made in 1984, bullied kid wants to fight back and finds a martial arts teacher that gives him life lessons through... Read more »

Onk Bak Fans - Check out Interview from NY Times

Tony Jaa might be the world’s biggest action star you haven’t heard of. The 33-year-old Thai martial-arts master garnered international acclaim thanks to his starring role in 2003’s Ong Bak, a freewheeling romp about a villager who travels to Bangkok to retrieve a stolen statue — with violent results. The film took two years to reach... Read more »

Ong Bak 2- Tony Jaa is Back

If you loved the first one and would like to see more of the same dazzling fight scenes, I am giving screening passes away for this Monday night October 12th at 7pm.  Each pass admits two people.  It will be held at the Landmark Century Theatre at 2828 N. Clark.  If you are interested, please... Read more »