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A Basic Open Guard Pass with Dino Costeas

If you practice Brazilian jiu jitsu you know that the guard can truly define a practitioner. Open guard passes are not easy. Dino Costeas, a diversified and respected jiu jitsu instructor has an intuitive know-how when it comes to passing, not to mention a brilliant guard. He is an amazing coach. ┬áHere is Dino instructing... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 2

Andrei Arlovski is a great reference to use when aspiring to look like a MMA athlete.  He has a physique that is perfect for so many sports, but truly ideal for a combat sports fighter.  Although many fighters have a lot less to work with and their legacy will never be their physical attributes and... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit by May 15th

Andrei Arlovski will take on Antonio Silva on Strikeforce’s May15th Showtime card.  As a Chicago resident, Arlovski maintains a strong local following from more than just the Russian and MMA community.  The Chi-town Belarussian has endured a career filled with dramatic upsets, his most recent to Brett Rodgers and Fedor Emelianko.  On the flip side,... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski - Chicago Resident, MMA Pro - Great to See Him Back At It!

Are the fangs of Andrei “The PItbull” Arlovski (http://www.arlovksi.com ) resurrected with his new Strikeforce (http://www.Strikeforce.com) contract?  I would say absolutely!  With focus on MMA and not wasting time with Freddie Roach in the boxing world, The Pitbull seems to remember where his fangs were actually earned.  Dino Costeas (http://www.dinocosteas.tv), his long time MMA and BJJ coach... Read more »

3 Days Before Fight Night -Local Fighter Mark Miller

Mark Miller (14-5), season nine contestant on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is making his debut on Saturday’s Strikeforce CBS event.  He will be fighting Deray Davis (5-1) another Midwesterner from Team Corral in Indiana.  Miller who trains with Team Dino Costeas out of POW! Mixed Martial located in the heart of Chicago, is well liked locally... Read more »