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Veggies in a Pill, Improve Your Health

No one really argues with the nutritional advise, “Eat more veggies.”  But for a lot of people it is hard to simply get enough.  For example, I love vegetables, all of them; but I like them roasted and grilled.  So it is hard to allocate time to make enough of them every day so they... Read more »

Health & Fitness 101: Should You Eat Fat?

A healthy adult must eat fat. However, there are different types of fat, and the wrong types of fat in large amounts does cause one to become fat.    Although a high-fat diet is one of the factors causing children to become over weight and is a leading cause of heart disease in this country, children... Read more »

Healthy Snack Guide 101

Stock Your Kitchen Right Follow the Food Guide Pyramid to stock your kitchen.  Having the right stuff on hand is very important for making fast, healthy snacks.  If your snacks are based on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with a little dairy and lean protein, you will be on your way to better health.  Of... Read more »