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How to throw a boxer's hook

How to throw a boxer's hook
The boxer’s hook is the prettiest punch in boxing. Yes! Pretty!  Not pretty like a flower, but pretty as in poetry in motion.  What makes the left hook (for those who are right-handed) a magical punch is that it is a power punch that sits far closer to the opponent than the right hand.  Certainly,... Read more »

Upper Body Power Training

Here my client using a 14 pound mecine ball.  The starting position should be either in a fighting stance or a shoulder width position.  Unless you are doing it from a fighting stance, in which case your elbows will be alongside your body, I like this drill with the elbows out.
This is a great exercise for building upper body power and strength.  It is fundamental to those who train in the combat sports.  This plyometric also builds coordination and helps to reinenforce the concept, ‘keep your hands up.’  If you seek more punching power, give this exercise a try.  I do series of 30 second... Read more »