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Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 4

The popularity of mixed martial arts has shed a lot of attention on how these athletes train.  Their overall routine is all encompassing, challenging and unique compared to many sports.  Because of the nature of training 4 different sports, along with the plyometrics and strength exercises that correspond to each of them, MMA training is... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 3

The results of a recent poll on the Bleacherreport.com (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/386155-strikeforce-st-louis-preview-qa-with-andrei-arlovski-antonio-silva) shows Andrei Arlovski favored to win his against Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, 84% to 14%, which takes place in St. Louis on May 15th.  The fight is hosted by Strikeforce and can be watched on Showtime.   Head-lining the card is Brett Rodgers, a Midwestern MMA... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit on May 15th, Exercise 2

Andrei Arlovski is a great reference to use when aspiring to look like a MMA athlete.  He has a physique that is perfect for so many sports, but truly ideal for a combat sports fighter.  Although many fighters have a lot less to work with and their legacy will never be their physical attributes and... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski Train Like Him, Be Fight Fit by May 15th

Andrei Arlovski will take on Antonio Silva on Strikeforce’s May15th Showtime card.  As a Chicago resident, Arlovski maintains a strong local following from more than just the Russian and MMA community.  The Chi-town Belarussian has endured a career filled with dramatic upsets, his most recent to Brett Rodgers and Fedor Emelianko.  On the flip side,... Read more »

Andrei Arlovski Emerges Once Again with Strikeforce

May 15th in St.Louis, MI, Andrei the ‘Pitbull’ Arlovski will re-surface on a Strikeforce event where he will begin a come back, first meeting Antonio Silva (12-2).  Arlovski (15-7-0) despite a rocky couple of years, has an enormous fan base on both sides of the pond.  Like many fighters, Arlovski following a long winning streak,... Read more »

2009 Five Top MMA Matchups

We have already addressed favorite fighters and best fights of 2009.  But many do not think about who is at the root of making these ‘Best of Fights’ happen and creating our “Favorite Fighters.’  It is guys like Joe SIlva and Sean Shelby – MMA matchmakers.  Another question posed on my December survey was, ‘What... Read more »

Best MMA Exercises 1 of 5 : Guard Sit-Up

Andrei Arlovski Performing Guard Sit-Up with Elbow Strikes. Each day this week I will post a new exercise that should be part of an MMA training program.  These exercises require an integration of explosive power, core work and strength.   If you are not an MMA fighter, which most of you are not, these are still... Read more »