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Pre-Fight Meals for Fighters

So many fighters need to make weight for their fight.  Many might be moving into a new weight class or simply procrastinating their weight loss in the last 4 weeks.  So once you have made weight, what should you eat in the 24-36 hours leading up to your fight?  The trick is to find foods... Read more »

Veggies in a Pill, Improve Your Health

No one really argues with the nutritional advise, “Eat more veggies.”  But for a lot of people it is hard to simply get enough.  For example, I love vegetables, all of them; but I like them roasted and grilled.  So it is hard to allocate time to make enough of them every day so they... Read more »

Rich Franklin Interview

Here is a quick interview I had with Rich Franklin.  He will be fighting Chuck Liddell on a PPV UFC Event June 12th.  The Former MIddleweight Champion shared a little insight into his training.   KO:  Give us one sample week of your training program when preparing for a fight. RF:  Four days a week... Read more »

Health & Fitness 101: Should You Eat Fat?

A healthy adult must eat fat. However, there are different types of fat, and the wrong types of fat in large amounts does cause one to become fat.    Although a high-fat diet is one of the factors causing children to become over weight and is a leading cause of heart disease in this country, children... Read more »

Health and Fitness 101: What is the Glycemic Index?

So if you jumped on the band-wagon like most at the beginning of the year to improve and resolve a body or health issues you had, you should have made some progress by now.  Improving your overall health is usually instigated by wanting to lose weight and look better.  There is nothing wrong with that... Read more »

Healthy Snack Guide 101

Stock Your Kitchen Right Follow the Food Guide Pyramid to stock your kitchen.  Having the right stuff on hand is very important for making fast, healthy snacks.  If your snacks are based on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with a little dairy and lean protein, you will be on your way to better health.  Of... Read more »

Tips For a Healthier Holistic Life

The traditional martial arts has always offered a lot of opportunity to become familiar with Chinese medicine.  So many of the philosophies of Chinese medicine or a holistic perspective are intertwined into their literature, proverbs and lessons.  With the insurgence of mixed martial arts and all the combat sports, these lessons have become more obsolete... Read more »

Considering Supplements - Some Facts You Need to Know!

Supplements offer a true enhancement for many hard-core athletes.  Their purpose is to be an added boost for an already well-rounded training and nutritional program.  However, there is no uniformity among products in the marketplace and labels are not written clearly.  Supplements are often taken incorrectly because of these two factors and more importantly they... Read more »

Fight the Fat From the Bird and its Trimmings

Whether you practice martial arts or not, you have some great meals ahead of you over the next few days.  If you don’t have a lot of training scheduled, or you are eager to seize your free weekend to begin getting into shape; I have given you a couple workout programs that you can do... Read more »

Healthy Eating for Great Training - 10 Tips to Changing Your View on Food

There are so many books on nutrition and so much information on how to eat well.  Hopefully these 10 tips will help sort out the best information out there and direct you towards books that focus on the type of information you truly seek about healthy eating. But there is one fact that you can... Read more »