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Pacquiao May Take Worst Beating of Life From Margarito

60 Minutes featured Manny Pacquiao last night.  It was a fascinating interview.  Pacquiao now a Congressman in the Philippines spoke about being the greatest boxer of all time and possibly the future President of the Philippines.  Pacquiao is clearly one of the greatest boxers and has been key in keeping the sport alive as it... Read more »

Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons II, Tonight Showtime, Diaz Will Win!

Let us recap what happened in November of 2007, when Nick Diaz lost to KJ Noons: great combos, fast hands, BAM! flurry, Noons POW!, Diaz got knocked down and cut.  Diaz’ eye does not stop bleeding, fight doc stops it, fighters mouth off to eachother, confrontation, and now the stage is set for a highly... Read more »

UFC 119 - Predictions

Melvin Giullard (24-8-2, 1 NC) also called the “The Young Assassin” will take on Jeremy Stephens (18-5) whose nick name is “Lil Heathen.”  Guillard is currently part of Jackson’s SUbmission Fighting Team out of New Mexico.  Guillard is oneof the more memorable contestants on TUF (season 2).  He was not the winner of season 2,... Read more »

MTV Reports Kevin James Star of New MMA Movie

We have all seen Kevin James cageside at the UFC.  His path crosses with Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan.  He is a hard core fan and has been part of the cheering section before UFC had a reality show and Randy Couture was in films. Click below to see more about his upcoming role as... Read more »

Strikeforce Signs Josh Barnett

PRESS RELEASE FROM STRIKEFORCE  NEW YORK (Sept. 13, 2010) – Two-time champion and top world-ranked heavyweight superstar Josh “The Babyfaced Assassin” Barnett has signed a multi-fight agreement to compete for world championship Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion STRIKEFORCE. “STRIKEFORCE is the home of the best heavyweight division in the world and I’m proud to be... Read more »

Unsanctioned MMA is Bad for the Sport

The efforts being made by Marc Ratner, UFC VP Regulatory Affairs and Dana White, UFC President are truly appreciated.  Their battle against the Bob Reily’s of the world, NY Assemblyman who is fighting against its legalization, has been hindered by several outfits that produce unsanctioned events.  Their brigade against conservative legislators, whose campaign is predicated... Read more »

Cauliflower Ear, Do Fighters Wear it as a Badge?

Why do fighters perserve their cauliflower ear?  Cauliflower ear is a deformity that is repairable.  It results from head trauma to the side of the head on the tissue of the ear which leads to a ‘perichondrial hematoma.’  Essentailly this medical terms means there is a ton of blood trapped between the cartilage in the... Read more »

Story from Bleacher Report: Top Ten Fighters to Never Win UFC Belt

Spencer Tucksen put together a great list of MMA fighters on the Bleacherreport that have never won the belt in the UFC.  I am sure it was hard to decide on only ten.  He says he was inspired by Kenny Florian’s loss at UFC 118 to Gray Maynard.  I am not sure I agree that... Read more »

Headlines from the Web: Boxers Want in the Cage

Only James Toney could go to MMA, like ”  “Only Nixon could go to China.” Words from the great Spock given to Capain Kirk.  We have seen Toney get a shot at Randy Couture recently, but now Manny Pacquiao.  There is no question that Couture’s camp thought through the possibility of Toney’s very best landing... Read more »

15 Bloody Moments in MMA

I am not one that loves the bloody outcome of battle that occurs at times from inside the cage. I do not hope for it and take no true comfort in seeing a man bleed.    In fact, I am on the anti-elbow side of the MMA community.  Personally, I feel they cause too much bleeding,... Read more »