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UFC in Chicago last night: Rashad Evans' win served as preparation for Jon Jones match

UFC in Chicago last night: Rashad Evans' win served as preparation for Jon Jones match
UFC on FOX last night was much better than I anticipated.  Rashad Evans (17-1-1) vs Phil Davis (9-1) was the headlining bout.  Former Penn State wrestler Davis entered the octagon on a winning streak, yet without truly equal skills to his opponent,  the favored Evans.  Despite Davis not being my first pick for a bout... Read more »

10 Worst UFC Moments, Shouldn't Have Been Mentioned

10 Worst UFC Moments, Shouldn't Have Been Mentioned
Yesterday I picked the 10 greatest moments in UFC history.  The credit on doing these two write-ups belongs to Scott Hamill, Bleacher Report writer who compiled his 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History.  After finally getting through the list he put together, I found myself shaking my head at several points while reading.  I already gave you my top ten from his list and today I give you the opposite. I would have never placed these events on the top 100 moments in UFC history.  I hope to hear back on some of your favorite’s from Scott Harris’ list on the Bleacher Report.  I am sure you will find my opinion is more defined in this list I have compiled below.  I didn’t rank them in any particular order.  The number in front indicates where you can find them on Scott Hamill’s original Bleacher Report blog in the slideshow he compiled.  So here are my 10 picks of the most unworthy UFC moments that were chosen for UFC’s 100 Greatest Moments.  Just for fun, I would love to hear what you feel does not deserve to be listed either...

Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons II, Tonight Showtime, Diaz Will Win!

Let us recap what happened in November of 2007, when Nick Diaz lost to KJ Noons: great combos, fast hands, BAM! flurry, Noons POW!, Diaz got knocked down and cut.  Diaz’ eye does not stop bleeding, fight doc stops it, fighters mouth off to eachother, confrontation, and now the stage is set for a highly... Read more »

20 of the Best MMA T-Shirts & Where to Buy Them

If you have time to go shopping online this weekend for some new training clothes you may want to consider some of my picks of t shirts and tank tops.  I tried to find pictures of many of my all time favorites from when I have traveled to Tokyo to visit the house of Sakuraba... Read more »

UFC 119 - Predictions

Melvin Giullard (24-8-2, 1 NC) also called the “The Young Assassin” will take on Jeremy Stephens (18-5) whose nick name is “Lil Heathen.”  Guillard is currently part of Jackson’s SUbmission Fighting Team out of New Mexico.  Guillard is oneof the more memorable contestants on TUF (season 2).  He was not the winner of season 2,... Read more »

Story from Bleacher Report: Top Ten Fighters to Never Win UFC Belt

Spencer Tucksen put together a great list of MMA fighters on the Bleacherreport that have never won the belt in the UFC.  I am sure it was hard to decide on only ten.  He says he was inspired by Kenny Florian’s loss at UFC 118 to Gray Maynard.  I am not sure I agree that... Read more »

James Toney Played Dana White for Fame and Dinero

      Well, I know that it is over and done with, but James Toney fighting Randy Couture is just so annoying.  I am glad that Couture got an easy pay day and all, but Toney is such a disgrace.  Some are even calling Toney’s attempt as a ‘hard try.’   Toney is so out... Read more »

Stay Updated on MMA Topics: Headlines from Around the Web

  The weekend was all about the UFC 118 card that tookplace in Boston, MA.  James Toney Lost to Captain America, here is a post from the New York Times.  It was not too surprising to see Toney taken down, pounded abit and unable to answer any ground pressure.   MMA is still getting a... Read more »

Watch Out Chicago! Your Co-Worker Does MMA

      MMA is the fastest growing sport in America.  It draws from the 16-35 year old demographic and its followers are not solely the tattooed, ex-high school wrestler anymore.  MMA appeals to a mainstream sports fan, who is eager to make happy hour and gallery walks after the daily grind has ended.  Its... Read more »

XFO Brings a MMA Bout to Chicagoland Saturday the 14th

XFO 36 Outdoor War is this Saturday, August 14th at Sideouts (4018 Roberts Road) in Island Lake, Illinois.  There are over 30 Professional and Amateur MMA fights scheduled.  For tickets go to or more information call Jeff Curran Martial Arts, 815-356-0454.