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15 of my Favorite MMA Quotes

I have given you 15 of my favorite MMA quotes and a little commentary.  Please give me your favorite – send ones I should have included. 15.    “I don’t want to fighter Jake Shields, because he has no personality, he’s a boring fighter, and when he got to CBS, and it was his chance to... Read more »

KoRn Singer Jonathan Davis MMA Fan

Jonathan Davis who is the lead vocalist for the  heavy metal/rock band Korn is a die hard MMA fan.  Davis, also plays bagpipes, guitar and drums in many of the recorded albums of the band.  Davis is ranked in the top 100 All Time Heavy Metal Vocalists.  Davis is a Bakersfield, California resident who has... Read more »

What is the Best Martial Art? Part II of III

This question makes for a great conversational piece for instructors, avid martial artists or martial arts geeks.  It has so many layers and there are so many correct answers.  It could be like discussing the topic of music, what is the most influential music or rock n roller of our time.  So I began addressing... Read more »

Insights into the Minds of Fedor and Rogers

“Fedor Emelianko and Brett Rogers answered some questions this afternoon from the media that you might find interesting. Questions for Brett Rogers: Do you think Fedor’s most recent marriage means he is taking his training lightly and preparation for his fight with you this Saturday night?   ” I doubt it. I don’t think it is... Read more »

Must See Martial Arts Movies

One of my favorite conversation pieces is the whole concept of top ten…, top five…. and so on.  When I am traveling with my friends or husband I like to discuss the whole idea of being on a deserted island (with all the comforts of course) and having to decide what movies, albums and books... Read more »

Ong Bak 2- Tony Jaa is Back

If you loved the first one and would like to see more of the same dazzling fight scenes, I am giving screening passes away for this Monday night October 12th at 7pm.  Each pass admits two people.  It will be held at the Landmark Century Theatre at 2828 N. Clark.  If you are interested, please... Read more »

Strikeforce Dipping into Football? - for Fighters?

I can not help but be concerned that Strikeforce is really serious about using football legend Herschel Walker as a draw to their events.  Walker has signed a multi-fight contract with Strikeforce. I am all for anyone giving the UFC a run for their money or simply co-exising allowing the sport of MMA to flourish... Read more »

A Glimpse at MMA's Origins

All Hail Arrichion! All Hail Dioxxipus! All Hail Polydamos! Have you ever heard of these mixed martial arts champions?  The history of mixed martial arts fighting began as part of Greek, rather than Asian history.  Although I would never strip the Shaolin masters of their contributions to developing many systems of martial arts, the Greeks... Read more »

Chuck Liddell On This Season of Dances with Stars

It may not be breaking news, but as a hard-core watcher of the “Dances with Stars”, I can’t believe Chuck Liddell is actually eager to learn, an 8 count Lindy and the frame work for the Tango.  The former UFC  light heavyweight champ is paired with Anna Trebunskaya, the red-headed Anna who is a Latin... Read more »

Gina Carano - Another MMA Fighter to Move into the Movies

We have recently touched on the presence of MMA fighters crossing over onto the screen.  MMA stars like: Rich Franklin, Andrei Arlovski, Randy Couture and Rampage Jackson have been lured in with exciting roles that allow them to play dress up for a justifiable fee. Although I can say, I am not eager to see... Read more »