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20 of the Best MMA T-Shirts & Where to Buy Them

If you have time to go shopping online this weekend for some new training clothes you may want to consider some of my picks of t shirts and tank tops.  I tried to find pictures of many of my all time favorites from when I have traveled to Tokyo to visit the house of Sakuraba... Read more »

MTV Reports Kevin James Star of New MMA Movie

We have all seen Kevin James cageside at the UFC.  His path crosses with Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan.  He is a hard core fan and has been part of the cheering section before UFC had a reality show and Randy Couture was in films. Click below to see more about his upcoming role as... Read more »

"Deadliest Warrior" Puts Navy Seals Against Israeli Soldiers

Although the season finale of “Deadliest Warriors” has past, I am curious how people thought this challenge would turn out.  Of the fans that love the show, did you think the results would be different.  Check out this write-up on the episode. Check out a clip from SPIKE TV’s website for the “Deadliest Warrior”... Read more »

Angelina Jolie Trains MMA for Fight Scenes in SALT

Angelia Jolie plays CIA officer, Evelyn Salt in SALT a ‘senseless blast’, according to David Edelstien of New York Magazine.  In fact, SALT, which has grossed over $70 million is receiving a nice array of reviews that seem to get exactly the type of movie it is intended to be – ACTION, ACTION, ACTION.  Ann... Read more »

The Karate Kid? or Kung Fu Kid?

‘The Karate Kid’ remake ( may be bugging some traditionalists in the martial arts community.  The newest martial arts film starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith features a similar story line to the classic made in 1984, bullied kid wants to fight back and finds a martial arts teacher that gives him life lessons through... Read more »

Another Wrestler Trying to Jump into the Cage

The Bleacher Report along with TMZ have revealed that Dave “The Animal” Bapista is negociating with Strikeforce. The deal however  is not sealed due to ‘sticking points.’  Another WWE top earner is taking a flying leap into the cage to maximize their earning potential, Bapista at 41 is going to experience what real fighting is... Read more »

MMA Fighters Turn Movie/TV Stars

Amazing to see the cross over that these MMA fighters have had in the world of entertainment.                             Taken from , written by Ken Beckett With MMA now the fastest growing sport in the world, television and movie execs are beginning... Read more »

Rich Franklin's Fights June 12th, MMA Exercises

This is the ending position from the above movement.  Continue doing this movement in a smooth manner.  Avoid using your hands.  Switch directions once you get the hang of it.  This is an adapted four point base drill for the resist a ball.
Rich Franklin (25-5-0), the Former UFC Middleweight Champion is naturally eager to get back into the octagon at UFC 115 on June 12th. Franklin has presented a golden boy image for mixed martial arts since he first got in the UFC back in 2003 when he beat Evan Tanner by TKO.  Franklin has professionalized every... Read more »

Strikeforce MMA Stars to Appear on MTV2 "Rock n Jock" this Saturday

Saturday, March 6 at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT on MTV2   WHO:              MMA Star & MTV “Bully Beatdown” Host Jason “Mayhem” Miller                         Former STRIKEFORCE Lightweight Champ Josh “The Punk” Thomson                         Hard-Hitting Heavyweight Lavar “Big” Johnson                         Knockout Artist Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith   WHAT:            Count down the week’s top... Read more »

5 Best MMA Fights of 2009

After getting the results of a survey that I have circulated over the last 10 days or so, I am ready to give you results as 2009 comes to an end.  The first question I posed is quite predictable, but always a great conversation starter.  Although there were so many great answers, because the year... Read more »