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UFC 118 James Toney vs Randy Couture & BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar

UFC 118 in Boston is tonight offering as a headline a spectacle of a main event, Randy Couture vs James Toney.    On some level it signifies the need for a senior division for the mixed martial arts.  Some believe this fight will answer questions of whether a boxer is better or tougher than a wrestler/MMA... Read more »

Corporations! MMA is Perfect for Stress Management

There is nothing brilliant about pointing out that stress levels have increased for most in the past 2 years.  Whether your heart lies alongside the Obama stimulus package debate, pot holes that lay as death traps on our streets, our efforts in the middle east or the downsizing and restructuring of so many of our... Read more »

Heads Up! The Chicagoan Next To You Does MMA

  The people of Chicago are progressive and forward thinking, yet welcoming to visitors and in tune with family values.  We sometimes get a bad wrap, that we are not trend-setters or cutting edge like our east and west coast metro-cousins.  I have begun to feature cool Chicago peeps that train in MMA; which is... Read more »

Watch Out Chicago! Your Co-Worker Does MMA

      MMA is the fastest growing sport in America.  It draws from the 16-35 year old demographic and its followers are not solely the tattooed, ex-high school wrestler anymore.  MMA appeals to a mainstream sports fan, who is eager to make happy hour and gallery walks after the daily grind has ended.  Its... Read more »

Ontario, Canada Approves MMA

Taken from USA Today, by Sergio Nan It didn’t take long for Canada’s largest province to embrace mixed martial arts, once the Ultimate Fighting Championship set up shop in its biggest city. Ontario’s government agreed to begin formally regulating mixed martial arts bouts in 2011, the Toronto Sun reports. The move comes less than three... Read more »

Pro MMA Fighters that Don't Fight - What's Up With That?

Although you do not see the leg lift here, this exercise can become more challenging by walking out further on your hands and then lifting one leg at a time.
  Should a fighter be able to shelf himself? The question of Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva having a re-match was raised after this weekend’s UFC 117.  Silva’s performance has been called unimpressive and Sonnen gained a lot of supporters for his overall aggressive approach and capability to take a beating, while winning the cards. ... Read more »

MMA Judging Questioned

MMA Struggles with Judging Issues BY Jeff Cain/MMA There’s a problem with judging in mixed martial arts and everyone knows it. MMA judging has long been criticized. To illustrate how little confidence there is in the assigned judges rendering a correct decision, it’s a common phrase within the industry to “not leave it in... Read more »

Strength Training for MMA/Boxing

Single Arm/Leg Balancing Press This is one example of a joint stability exercise that we have integrated into our routines at POW. July and August have had a goal of joint stability. We rotate our goals every 1-2 months. It is a challenging exercise, but I love it because it can be done in... Read more »

Wisconsin Reviews MMA Rules

Taken from Chicago Tribune online today July 25, 2010. Provided by the Associated Press. MADISON, Wis. —  Regulators will hold a series of meetings next month to educate the mixed martial arts industry about new regulations governing the sport.  Gov. Jim Doyle earlier this year signed a bill that gives the Department of Regulation and... Read more »

James Toney vs Randy Couture Boxing MMA Merge?

Bout between James Toney and Randy Couture could bring boxing-vs.-MMA debate to head The 41-year-old Toney, a former boxing champion in three divisions, has signed on for his first mixed martial arts event Aug. 28 against former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight king Couture, 47. The rhetoric is already heating up. Story by Lance Pugmire Check... Read more »