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What I learned from Rich Franklin at Chicago Ideas Week

Rich and Katalin
Chicago Ideas Week has been offered great lectures and words of wisdom in many areas of business, enterprise and life.  It’s our city’s 4th year offering an eclectic menu of topics to expand your mind. The events that have captured my attention have little in common: Veterans: Life After Service featuring Mark Doyle (a student... Read more »

10 Greatest UFC Moments

10 Greatest UFC Moments
The Bleacher Report does some great stories and always offers my favorite fight coverage. They recently did a write up on the 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History. From a writer’s point-of-view – how unbelievably time consuming.  Scott Hamill (the writer) I need you to know it took me a couple days to get through your list with reflection.  But I respect how long it must have taken to put this list together and the collaborative effort to really think through all the monumental events in the history of MMA – which has been facilitated mostly by the UFC organization. Although I don’t agree with everything they have listed, I decided to feature two of my own lists.  The first list is below.  They are the 10 most worthy mentions on the Bleacher Report list of 100 Greatest Moments.  Tomorrow, I will give you the 10 worst picks on the list. The number in front of each moment is the slide it corresponds to with Hamill's write on the Bleacher Report (click on any of htese links to see it)...

Bas Rutten Visits Chicago: 5 Things He Taught

Bas Rutten Visits Chicago: 5 Things He Taught
Bas Rutten came to Chicago-land last weekend  to offer a striking seminar.  It was hosted by my friend and colleague Sue Garski, the Owner of Illinois Krav Maga.  This was the 3 or 4th seminar I have taken with Bas (I can’t really remember), but it did not fail to deliver.  Although Bas Rutten and... Read more »

Tire Training, Achieving the Perfect Fighting Stance

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This drill is a cool variation on shadow boxing. I use a tire sometimes to work on balance and maintaining my center of gravity. This tire is the perfect size for me. It is also a great way to work on circular movement. It can help you learn how to move right and left. If... Read more »

Fedor Vs Henderson at the Sear Center Goes on Pre-Sale Today at 10am

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker announced 5 days ago that a catch-weight, 220 lb matchup between Fedor Emelianenko (31-3) and Dan Henderson (27-8) will happen in our great city.  On July 30th the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates will showcase these two MMA icons.  It isn’t Fedor’s first time at the Sear Center, in fact last... Read more »

WEC Merger Makes Me Worry

If you are part of the MMA industry on any level then you know that there are a lot of talented fighters.  So many of them have seen the lime-light on PPV cards, yet they sit on a bench waiting to be called into the octagon once again.  Many organizations have offered the growing talent... Read more »

MTV Reports Kevin James Star of New MMA Movie

We have all seen Kevin James cageside at the UFC.  His path crosses with Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan.  He is a hard core fan and has been part of the cheering section before UFC had a reality show and Randy Couture was in films. Click below to see more about his upcoming role as... Read more »

Women in MMA Featured by Strikeforce & Bellator

Few Women’s MMA bouts are ever featured despite the growing acceptance of their presence inside the cage.  STRIKEFORCE and BELLATOR are the only large organizations that provide women in the sport of MMA a chance to show case their athletic skills and dedication to the mixed martial arts.  On October 9 in San Jose, CA... Read more »

Strikeforce Signs Josh Barnett

PRESS RELEASE FROM STRIKEFORCE  NEW YORK (Sept. 13, 2010) – Two-time champion and top world-ranked heavyweight superstar Josh “The Babyfaced Assassin” Barnett has signed a multi-fight agreement to compete for world championship Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion STRIKEFORCE. “STRIKEFORCE is the home of the best heavyweight division in the world and I’m proud to be... Read more »

Cauliflower Ear, Do Fighters Wear it as a Badge?

Why do fighters perserve their cauliflower ear?  Cauliflower ear is a deformity that is repairable.  It results from head trauma to the side of the head on the tissue of the ear which leads to a ‘perichondrial hematoma.’  Essentailly this medical terms means there is a ton of blood trapped between the cartilage in the... Read more »