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My Personal Experience with Fight Scene Training

My Personal Experience with Fight Scene Training
(Me and Daniel Pesina during filming of MK II) I wrote yesterday’s blog about how freerunning is an ideal hobby for people wanting to pursue a career as a stunt person or action star. The entertainment industry requires a wide range of specific skills for action scenes.  But if fight scene choreography peaks your interest... Read more »

MTV Reports Kevin James Star of New MMA Movie

We have all seen Kevin James cageside at the UFC.  His path crosses with Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan.  He is a hard core fan and has been part of the cheering section before UFC had a reality show and Randy Couture was in films. Click below to see more about his upcoming role as... Read more »

XFO Brings a MMA Bout to Chicagoland Saturday the 14th

XFO 36 Outdoor War is this Saturday, August 14th at Sideouts (4018 Roberts Road) in Island Lake, Illinois.  There are over 30 Professional and Amateur MMA fights scheduled.  For tickets go to or more information call Jeff Curran Martial Arts, 815-356-0454.

Angelina Jolie Trains MMA for Fight Scenes in SALT

Angelia Jolie plays CIA officer, Evelyn Salt in SALT a ‘senseless blast’, according to David Edelstien of New York Magazine.  In fact, SALT, which has grossed over $70 million is receiving a nice array of reviews that seem to get exactly the type of movie it is intended to be – ACTION, ACTION, ACTION.  Ann... Read more »

Strength Training for MMA/Boxing

Single Arm/Leg Balancing Press This is one example of a joint stability exercise that we have integrated into our routines at POW. July and August have had a goal of joint stability. We rotate our goals every 1-2 months. It is a challenging exercise, but I love it because it can be done in... Read more »

Michael Jackson's Kids Learning Martial Arts

The martial arts is a perfect activity for celebrity kids.  It is an environment where the playing field is equal.  Because of the engrained discipline and the hierarchy system, martial arts can really give a highly privileged child a sense of normalcy. The late pop star Michael Jackson I am sure struggled with providing a... Read more »

The Karate Kid? or Kung Fu Kid?

‘The Karate Kid’ remake ( may be bugging some traditionalists in the martial arts community.  The newest martial arts film starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith features a similar story line to the classic made in 1984, bullied kid wants to fight back and finds a martial arts teacher that gives him life lessons through... Read more »

Is MMA in the Movies Better?

MMA is following in the footsteps that kung fu and wushu created during the peak of Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s popularity.  Martial arts fight scenes bring action to screen that can elevate an actor beyond just their character; simply put it is just cool to look good while fighting.  Even professional martial artists who... Read more »