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10 Greatest UFC Moments

10 Greatest UFC Moments
The Bleacher Report does some great stories and always offers my favorite fight coverage. They recently did a write up on the 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History. From a writer’s point-of-view – how unbelievably time consuming.  Scott Hamill (the writer) I need you to know it took me a couple days to get through your list with reflection.  But I respect how long it must have taken to put this list together and the collaborative effort to really think through all the monumental events in the history of MMA – which has been facilitated mostly by the UFC organization. Although I don’t agree with everything they have listed, I decided to feature two of my own lists.  The first list is below.  They are the 10 most worthy mentions on the Bleacher Report list of 100 Greatest Moments.  Tomorrow, I will give you the 10 worst picks on the list. The number in front of each moment is the slide it corresponds to with Hamill's write on the Bleacher Report (click on any of htese links to see it)...

Unsanctioned MMA is Bad for the Sport

The efforts being made by Marc Ratner, UFC VP Regulatory Affairs and Dana White, UFC President are truly appreciated.  Their battle against the Bob Reily’s of the world, NY Assemblyman who is fighting against its legalization, has been hindered by several outfits that produce unsanctioned events.  Their brigade against conservative legislators, whose campaign is predicated... Read more »

Finally MMA is Legal in NYC!

The Wall Street Journal reports that MMA has been approved in the state of New York.  Looks like Dana White’s dreams are coming true.  This is a big step for the sport of MMA.  Click here for full story.

When WIll New York Legalize MMA?

Matt Serra was the special guest at Fight Club Q&A at the Prudential Center in Newark on Friday before UFC 111. (For those of you who’ve never been to a live event, UFC always does a question-and-answer session with a fighter for an hour or so before the weigh-ins). About half of the people who... Read more »

New York Moving Closer to Getting MMA Sanctioning

I have been trying to keep you updated on the long battle the New York MMA community has faced in getting sanctioning since its ban 13 years ago by Gov.George Pataki.  Another state politician has become vocal in their support for the sport along with Gov David Paterson (who may no longer be politically seated... Read more »