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20 Reasons to Watch the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Fight

20 Reasons to Watch the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Fight
As far as showdowns go, Saturday, August 26th offers a matchup between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather that has captured the interest and banter from fight fans that live in every corner of the globe. This match up is brilliant! Irishmen Conor McGregor, who by 29 years old has become a global superstar will face... Read more »


I have written on boxing many times as one of the greatest and most rewarding workouts.   Lately, I have been fortunate to work with many beginners at my west loop gym. They leave class loving how boxing makes them feel, but they want to know how to get even more out of their boxing workout.... Read more »

3 Great Boxing Footwork Drills

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Boxing is the bomb!  It is an amazing workout and it offers brilliant stress relief.  Chicago offers so many places to take boxing fitness classes.  There are many things you can expect from a great boxing class: Learning the proper technique for punching will provide you with a rush of confidence. You will know immediately... Read more »

Southpaw Fighters: 10 tips from Manny Pacquiao

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Southpaw fighters used to be the most feared in the sport of boxing.  The best southpaw fighters were bred in the last 25 years.  This occurred because trainers stopped forcing natural left-handed fighters from switching to their awkward side and orthodox fighters learned how to move in one than one direction.  Hector Camacho was my... Read more »

Make Your Punch Faster

There are so many ways to improve your punching.Most people want to improve either their power or their speed. Punching style is irrelevant.  A straight right hand is fairly standard.  If it’s not straight, it is most likely a  hook, uppercut or an overhand.  This drill works great in increasing the speed of the punch... Read more »

Upper Body Power Training

Here my client using a 14 pound mecine ball.  The starting position should be either in a fighting stance or a shoulder width position.  Unless you are doing it from a fighting stance, in which case your elbows will be alongside your body, I like this drill with the elbows out.
This is a great exercise for building upper body power and strength.  It is fundamental to those who train in the combat sports.  This plyometric also builds coordination and helps to reinenforce the concept, ‘keep your hands up.’  If you seek more punching power, give this exercise a try.  I do series of 30 second... Read more »

Tire Training, Achieving the Perfect Fighting Stance

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This drill is a cool variation on shadow boxing. I use a tire sometimes to work on balance and maintaining my center of gravity. This tire is the perfect size for me. It is also a great way to work on circular movement. It can help you learn how to move right and left. If... Read more »

Develop Punching Power: Great for Cross-Training

There are so many fantastic sport specific exercises for boxing, muay thai, MMA and kickboxing.  I consider this to be a fundamental exercise.  It offers a true application of straight punches.  The difficulty with this exercise is that you need to know how to punch before adding it to your routine.  This exercise expects you... Read more »

Pacquiao May Take Worst Beating of Life From Margarito

60 Minutes featured Manny Pacquiao last night.  It was a fascinating interview.  Pacquiao now a Congressman in the Philippines spoke about being the greatest boxer of all time and possibly the future President of the Philippines.  Pacquiao is clearly one of the greatest boxers and has been key in keeping the sport alive as it... Read more »

Headlines from the Web: Boxers Want in the Cage

Only James Toney could go to MMA, like ”  “Only Nixon could go to China.” Words from the great Spock given to Capain Kirk.  We have seen Toney get a shot at Randy Couture recently, but now Manny Pacquiao.  There is no question that Couture’s camp thought through the possibility of Toney’s very best landing... Read more »