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Avoiding Wrist Injuries When Boxing

Wrist strains and sprains are common amongst boxers.  Regardless of your level of skill, a sore wrist should start by evaluating your technique, particularly the position of your fist at the point of contact.  Some wrist injuries come from chronically throwing punches incorrectly and others can be simply overuse. One of the most common causes... Read more »

Marathon Recovery Day 2- IT Band and Hip Pain?

As I mentioned yesterday, there are several phases to recovering and rebuilding the body after running a marathon.  I am featuring two activation stretches/exercises that you can do with the foam roller.  They are different than the typical foam roller exercises in that they are focused on the muscles firing properly.  In re-engaging this relationship... Read more »

MMA Meets Kettlebell Training, Part 5

This is absolutely one of the best exercises ever!  It is the perverbial ‘total body’ movement.  It requires balance, a strong core, focus, coordination and technique.  The actual movement even without the kettle bell is challenging and completely applicable to mixed martial arts.  The movement is biomechanically sound and depicts how to properly get up... Read more »

Feel Stress or Tension? 8 Stretches, 5 minutes for Work

Although there are so many reasons we feel stress and tension throughout our body, helping to relieve it can be solved by 5 minute stretching breaks throughout your work day. Stretching is important because it helps to reduce the tension we feel in the muscle by increasing the length and even stimulating blood flow. As a... Read more »

The Fighter's Fracture

Although this injury in the past was known to be common amongst the boxing community, it has quickly become a frequent experience to many MMA fighters.  Because there is less protection of the hands, for example a 4 ounce fingerless glove verse the 8 or 10 ounce glove used in boxing, it is no longer... Read more »

Fight Sports Are Getting Safer. New Mouthpiece Protects Against Concussions and Jaw Injuries.9

Did you know that the International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association has mandated that all athletes must wear a bi-molar jaw protective mouth guard during contact play.  This is the first mandate of its kind for mouth guard protective usage in a sports organization and many MMA organizations are considering the same.  Because of more... Read more »

Weak in the Knees?

Many athletes experience sudden weakness in their knees without being able to attribute it to anything in particular.  This onset of an achy feeling and weakness can be easily managed with a few additions to your workout regiment.  Strengthening the muscles that support the knee should involve some aspect of balance training. By integrating stability... Read more »

Overtraining? How do you know?

The concept of overtraining is somewhat obscure to the average person.  It is much easier to identify overtraining signs in others than it is in ourselves.  It is condition that can manifest physically or mentally for both an athlete or hard-core exerciser.  So how exactly can you identify overtraining ? Simply put it is when... Read more »

What Makes A Perfect Student of the Martial Arts?

I have been lucky to teach martial arts in various environments to an array of people.  Working with talented natural athletes, those who have progressed to competitive levels and young adults who probably missed their calling as kids, who make punching and kicking look easy,they have just made my job so simple. It does not take much... Read more »

Matt Lindland Speaks Out About His Fight With Jacare Souza Saturday Night

Olympic wrestling medalist Matt “The Law” Lindland, who recently took a stab at the world of politics, answered some questions recently posed to him regarding his highly-anticipated return to mixed martial arts (MMA) action this Saturday during the live SHOWTIME® telecast of STRIKEFORCE:  Evolution.   Lindland (21-6) will take on submission expert “Jacare” Souza (10-2) at middleweight (185 pounds) on... Read more »