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Solution to The Thanksgiving Belly - The Christmas Crunch Challenge, 25 Days of Core

Solution to The Thanksgiving Belly - The Christmas Crunch Challenge, 25 Days of Core
No doubt the holidays are a joyous time. With that joy comes more parties, festivities and celebrations.  As the end of the year closes in, our waistlines expand.  Join in POW!’s Annual Christmas Crunch Challenge, 25 Days of Core Training.  Instead of finding yourself welcoming 2015 with a new pant size, commit 4-7 minutes each... Read more »

Marathon Recovery Day 2- IT Band and Hip Pain?

As I mentioned yesterday, there are several phases to recovering and rebuilding the body after running a marathon.  I am featuring two activation stretches/exercises that you can do with the foam roller.  They are different than the typical foam roller exercises in that they are focused on the muscles firing properly.  In re-engaging this relationship... Read more »

5 Back Exercises You Can Do at Work

Lay flat on the floor on your stomach.  Fully extend your arms and legs.  While keeping your forehead flat on the ground, slowly lift the opposite arm and leg off the ground.  Do not bend the knee, imagine someone trying to pull your shoe off your foot as you lift the leg.  Your hips should be pressed on the ground and your gluts should be tighten.  Do not kick the leg up.  (The movement is similar to the doggie bridges)  Do 10 reps slowly at 2 - 3 sets, two or three times per week.
An achy back, is no unusual experience. Regardless of the sport you practice, lower back pain is common among them all.   All sports require you to move through flexion and extension  (bending forward and leaning back), lateral flexion (side bend movement) and rotation (turning at the waist).  These ranges of motion are mandatory for movement.  ... Read more »