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Favorite MMA Fighters of 2009

Another question that I posed in the survey I did this December was, Which fighters emerged as the new favorites in 2009? Although I did not ask what characteristics each person used in determining their new favorite fighter for 2009, I would assume the following attributes helped to form opinions. 1.  Their performance demonstrated dominance... Read more »

5 Best MMA Fights of 2009

After getting the results of a survey that I have circulated over the last 10 days or so, I am ready to give you results as 2009 comes to an end.  The first question I posed is quite predictable, but always a great conversation starter.  Although there were so many great answers, because the year... Read more »

Best MMA Exercises 1 of 5 : Guard Sit-Up

Andrei Arlovski Performing Guard Sit-Up with Elbow Strikes. Each day this week I will post a new exercise that should be part of an MMA training program.  These exercises require an integration of explosive power, core work and strength.   If you are not an MMA fighter, which most of you are not, these are still... Read more »

Strikeforce Does the Right Thing for Local Fighters Miller and Davis

As most of you know, this past Saturday on CBS Strikeforce put on a great card offering over 11,000 fans at the Sears Center and the 5.46 millions at home, the chance to be part of a great MMA event that was not under the puppet strings of Dana White. To White’s dismay, Strikeforce’s M-1... Read more »

Insights into the Minds of Fedor and Rogers

“Fedor Emelianko and Brett Rogers answered some questions this afternoon from the media that you might find interesting. Questions for Brett Rogers: Do you think Fedor’s most recent marriage means he is taking his training lightly and preparation for his fight with you this Saturday night?   ” I doubt it. I don’t think it is... Read more »

Sizing Up Fedor's Opponent Brett Rogers

“He is working as hard as he ever has.  He is in better shape than ever, so I can now push him harder and expand the training to be much more complex.  All of this is possible because he’s evolving,” claims Brett Roger’s trainer Mike Reilly.  Rogers who sits comfortable between  265lb and 295lb will... Read more »

Train with Pro MMA Fighters

It is a little expensive $250 a person, but you get a lot for your money and a chance to see the different training and coaching styles of a lot of great fighters.

Another Great Drill for the Fighting Arts

Andrei Arlovski training with Tim Allgretti There are endless drills that improve a person’s conditioning for striking.  One drill that I love is used by strength and conditioning coaches Tim Allgretti (Owner of Chicago’s West Loop Gym – works with Andrei Arlovski) and Jonathan Chaimberg (from the Jackson Submission Camp).   Heavy Rope Training  ... Read more »

DMX - Going from Dog Fighting? to Cage Fighting?

DMX is fighting in MMA this winter. Enough Already! MMA is not the arena for retired pro athletes or entertainers in need of a more aggressive method of anger management. But seriously, raper, turn actor, turn MMA fighter? As an individual who had been peripheral to the sport since its inception, it does not thrill me... Read more »

Gina Carano - Another MMA Fighter to Move into the Movies

We have recently touched on the presence of MMA fighters crossing over onto the screen.  MMA stars like: Rich Franklin, Andrei Arlovski, Randy Couture and Rampage Jackson have been lured in with exciting roles that allow them to play dress up for a justifiable fee. Although I can say, I am not eager to see... Read more »