6 Amazing Techniques from World Muay Thai Champion Damien Trainor

Damien Trainor, the U.K. Muay Thai legend visited Chicago this past week spreading his muay thai expertise throughout the Windy City. He offered training workshops at UFC Gym and POW! Gym Chicago.   Trainor is a long-time friend and ex-team mate local Muay Thai Coach Robbie Cole. After fighting, Cole shifted his focus to coaching and Trainor went on to acquire numerous muay thai titles throughout the world.

Trainor entered the adult muay thai seen at age 16 years old after dominating as a junior champ. At 17 years old, he became the English Muay Thai Champion. He went on to receive his red arm-band (the equivalent to a black belt) and then gained the British Championship. With strong commitment to the sport of muay thai, Trainor left the U.K. and moved to Thailand for advanced training and continued to live and compete throughout Australia and Asia.

Trainor naturally returned home to Birimgham, bringing with him, the European title and two World Titles. He is now the Head Muay Thai Coach for K-Star Legacy, the best muay thai gym in Birmingham.   He travels to select cities world-wide leading muay thai training workshops that accommodate all levels. Although he works with many amateur and professional muay thai fighters, his teaching strategies welcome newcomers to the sport.

In many ways, Trainor serves as an Ambassador to the sport of muay thai. He offers detailed, considerate and technical training, which resonates with all levels of practitioners. “Damien has an  ability to break down the difference between what will or won’t work in a real fight.  Most instructors show a technique for  defensive, offensive or a counterattack; but Damien will give you the breakdown of what happens in the ring,  the scoring aspect of it here in the US and in Thailand.  He gives every single little detail to make the technique work efficiently. He’s like a fight encyclopedia,” says Coach Cole.

Although he is full of tricks, he emphasizes details in the fundamentals, with just the right amount of ‘pizzazz. ’  His social media presence is awesome. He posts excellent content that is helpful for coaches and students alike. He explains and features various techniques. Many of my favorite posts feature techniques he has successfully used in the ring. He also showcases relevant training applications in muay thai, making him consistently progressive and one of the best sources today on muay thai.

Below is a video of my favorite lessons from this past weekend when he visited Chicago. The techniques included require consistent practice for successful execution. Like any great athlete, Trainor highlights that the timing for executing defense and offense is the second phase of learning a technique. It is not enough to just learn the technique; you must put the 10,000 reps into applying it with the correct timing. Good luck in your training.

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