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6 Amazing Techniques from World Muay Thai Champion Damien Trainor

Damien Trainor, the U.K. Muay Thai legend visited Chicago this past week spreading his muay thai expertise throughout the Windy City. He offered training workshops at UFC Gym and POW! Gym Chicago.   Trainor is a long-time friend and ex-team mate local Muay Thai Coach Robbie Cole. After fighting, Cole shifted his focus to coaching and... Read more »

Avoiding Wrist Injuries When Boxing

Wrist strains and sprains are common amongst boxers.  Regardless of your level of skill, a sore wrist should start by evaluating your technique, particularly the position of your fist at the point of contact.  Some wrist injuries come from chronically throwing punches incorrectly and others can be simply overuse. One of the most common causes... Read more »