15 Great Holiday Gifts for the Martial Artist

There is a proverb in the martial arts community that studying martial arts is not about fighting, it’s about building character.  So I am guessing if you have a martial artist on your holiday list, that they are a real character.  Here is a list of great gifts for the person that loves to punch and kick.

1.  Cold Steel’s            Special Forces Shovel with Sheath, $37

2.  Fit to Fight             DVD on Proper Mitt Holding, $19

3.  From AMAZON     The Seven Samurai  (The Criterion Collection) DVD Collection, $35

4.  From REVGEAR   Fight Dentist, $20

5.  From TRIUMPH   Death Star Micro Mitts, $85

6.  From Stroops         MMA Explosive Kicking, $80

7.  From REVGEAR    Compression Short with Cup, $35

8.  From Hayabusa      Mirai Series Shin Guards, $180

9.  From REVGEAR     Suneate Shin Guards, $90

10.  From Fairtex            Fair Boxing Gloves Falcon Limited, $130

11.  From Century           Limited Edition Versys V SPAR Bag, $200

12.  From Quest Training  All Strike, $100

13.  From AMAZON           Weight Training for Martial Arts Book, $15

14.  From AMAZON           GOFIT Foam Roller, $32

15.  From REVGEAR         Champion Headgear with Chin, $90



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