10 Worst UFC Moments, Shouldn't Have Been Mentioned

10 Worst UFC Moments, Shouldn't Have Been Mentioned

Yesterday I picked the 10 greatest moments in UFC history.  The credit on doing these two write-ups belongs to Scott Hamill, Bleacher Report writer who compiled his 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History.  After finally getting through the list he put together, I found myself shaking my head at several points while reading.  I already gave you my top ten from his list and today I give you the opposite.

I would have never placed these events on the top 100 moments in UFC history.  I hope to hear back on some of your favorite’s from Scott Harris’ list on the Bleacher Report.  I am sure you will find my opinion is more defined in this list I have compiled below.  I didn’t rank them in any particular order.  The number in front indicates where you can find them on Scott Hamill’s original Bleacher Report blog in the slideshow he compiled.  So here are my 10 picks of the most unworthy UFC moments that were chosen for UFC’s 100 Greatest Moments.  Just for fun, I would love to hear what you feel does not deserve to be listed either.

48. Anderson Silva beat Rich Franklin for the second time in front of his hometown during UFC 77.  I am not sure why you would name this a great moment.  In general, a fighter’s loss is not a great moment.  It was just a simple loss.  There was no monumental aspect to the fight.  Yes, Silva has got Rich’s number.  He is better than Rich.  But there is always someone that will figure out how to pick you apart.  Rich’s approach to the fight and how he trained may not have been well strategized.  It was a loss, nothing special.

90.  Dennis Hallman’s shorts were not that bad.  Come on, it isn’t the first time a fighter has worn those.  Are all you guys freaking out because there was a lot being held in the shorts?   I think it is a little over-reactionary.  I’ll admit I would not have dressed him like that, but I also would not choose to go running in a bikini if I was a 36 double D bra size.  He looked fine…

50.  Brock Lesnar beats Randy Couture for a heavy weight title.  If you have ever read any of my past write-ups you should know that I am not a Lesnar fan.  This does not deserve to be part of the Greatest Moments.  Couture losing should never be a Great moment for the UFC.  He has been key in elevating its overall growth.  He has been the face of MMA.  His cross-over into other areas of media has brought more positive coverage to the sport as a whole than any other fighter.  Lesnar should have had to come down in weight first of all.  The size differential was not smart and I believe it was unsafe.    But Scott please, there is no way he deserves to be called Baddest SOB on the Planet – SOB maybe and Bad, as in Bad form, Bad technique, Bad MMA skills – sure.  But definitely not Bad as in Good.

89.  Tito Ortiz outlast Victor Belfort.  I just do not think this fight was that big of a deal.  I would not give it a place in 100 Greatest Moments.  I think that is giving Tito too much credit and importance.  I think there have been a lot of other amazing fights and fighters to gain wins that mean more to the sport of MMA.

87.  Akihiro Gono came out for his fight in drag when he fought Jon Fitch.  This earns a place on UFC’s funniest moments, but not Greatest.  Especially since I am an avid Pride fan, Sakaruba and all those Japanese fighters do funny get-ups for their entrance walk all the time.  They do seem to have a good sense of humor.

85.  UFC ring girl Brittany Palmer stepped foot into the octagon at UFC 125.  Really, not that big of a deal.  I will give you that UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste getting the cover of Playboy marked another validation by mainstream.  Playboy is the big league.  That is a great career move for a model.  But at least Scott Harris the writer of the story admits he was motivated by his puppy crush on Brittany.

80.  Chris Leben, one of the first fighters to benefit from being a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter show, peed on another guys bed.  Hardly a ‘Great’ moment for the sport.  Once again, I have no desire to showcase the barbaric, immature or unprofessional behavior of any athlete.  It is a poor reflection on his character and does not help elevate the sport.  Once again, this deserves to be on a different list – Worst Moments perhaps.

66. Fedor Emelianenko loses his third fight.  I think Dana’s position to hold his ground on the initial Fedor negotiations is all good business.  But to this day, I do not agree that Fedor wasn’t one of the greatest MMA fighters.  I didn’t think this was a great moment.  Dana is right a lot in the overall speculations he makes of the game, but I didn’t think Fedor’s losses proved him right in Fedor’s value overall in the sport.  It only demonstrated Fedor’s value on that particular day.  Not on any day between May, 21, 2000 and November 7, 2009.    Big deal he lost after 18—24 months of bickering with the UFC on worth, which happened to be 10 years from his first fight and about 5 years from the peak of his career (which last about 4.5 years).

Jeremy Horn is knocked out by Chuck Liddell in UFC 54.  Jeremy Horn leaving the sport is not a great moment. Horn proved that you could make a long and consistent career fighting MMA – regularly.  He has tained with everyone, faught everyone and literally been everyone’s sparring partner at some point.  The man has been everywhere.  He has lasted.  He had a long, long, long, active fight career.  I do not think he is given enough props.  It beats sitting around on a shelf waiting for the bald man to call you up and say, hey we are going to give you the chance to fight twice over the next 18 months.  Anytime a man steps up and takes his destiny under control – I bow my head.

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