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Muay Thai Basics: Taught by Kru Toy Sityodtong

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Team Sityodtong is a muay thai training camp in Pattaya, Thailand.  Their Grandmaster is Yodtong Senanan.  What is amazing about this coach is that he has produced 57 Muay Thai Champions.  Here is a look at how the basics are taught.

NBA Lockout: What are players doing with their free-time?

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Hard to believe the NBA players disbanded their union.  Thirteen years ago when the NBA had a lockout, it cost the season 50 games per team and the All Star Game was canceled.    The NBA lockout of 2011 has cost 324 games to be canceled, which is 26% of the season.  Currently the players have filed two anti-trust lawsuits against the NBA and its owners.  It has been 5 years since David Stern, NBA Commissioner first met with the union leaders to begin settling the various points of contention (according to a ESPN report).  The labor dispute between the players and the owners so far is costing the average player over $220,000, according to CNBC.   With this type of financial loss and an unlikely quick resolve, players have a lot of free time on their hands...

Joe Frazier Passes Away this Evening, Sad News for Boxing

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Joe Frazier passed away this evening of liver cancer.    The ex-boxing Champ was in hospice care after the deadly disease was discovered 5 weeks ago.  He was 67 years old.  Frazier handed the famous Muhammad Ali his first loss. As I sat wondering what other details are worth adding to this annoucement, I decided to... Read more »

10 Worst UFC Moments, Shouldn't Have Been Mentioned

10 Worst UFC Moments, Shouldn't Have Been Mentioned
Yesterday I picked the 10 greatest moments in UFC history.  The credit on doing these two write-ups belongs to Scott Hamill, Bleacher Report writer who compiled his 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History.  After finally getting through the list he put together, I found myself shaking my head at several points while reading.  I already gave you my top ten from his list and today I give you the opposite. I would have never placed these events on the top 100 moments in UFC history.  I hope to hear back on some of your favorite’s from Scott Harris’ list on the Bleacher Report.  I am sure you will find my opinion is more defined in this list I have compiled below.  I didn’t rank them in any particular order.  The number in front indicates where you can find them on Scott Hamill’s original Bleacher Report blog in the slideshow he compiled.  So here are my 10 picks of the most unworthy UFC moments that were chosen for UFC’s 100 Greatest Moments.  Just for fun, I would love to hear what you feel does not deserve to be listed either...

10 Greatest UFC Moments

10 Greatest UFC Moments
The Bleacher Report does some great stories and always offers my favorite fight coverage. They recently did a write up on the 100 Greatest Moments in UFC History. From a writer’s point-of-view – how unbelievably time consuming.  Scott Hamill (the writer) I need you to know it took me a couple days to get through your list with reflection.  But I respect how long it must have taken to put this list together and the collaborative effort to really think through all the monumental events in the history of MMA – which has been facilitated mostly by the UFC organization. Although I don’t agree with everything they have listed, I decided to feature two of my own lists.  The first list is below.  They are the 10 most worthy mentions on the Bleacher Report list of 100 Greatest Moments.  Tomorrow, I will give you the 10 worst picks on the list. The number in front of each moment is the slide it corresponds to with Hamill's write on the Bleacher Report (click on any of htese links to see it)...