Explosive Drill to Improve Throwing/Takedowns

RJ Cohen a member of the Cohen Judo Club with locations throughout the Chicago-land area has an impressive grasp of how strength training needs to integrate sport specific applications for judo players.  Judo is becoming more popular in the MMA community.  Karo Parisyan, a 4 time International Judo Champion and MMA fighter has demonstrated the value of powerful throws and judo style takedowns inside the cage.  Parisyan has made judo work beautifully for the no gi combat sport of MMA.  But other great MMA players have trained in judo and many even have black belts in the traditional Japanese art.  Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson SIlva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogieira and Vitor Belfort credit judo with being an assest in the overall MMA game.

RJ Cohen is part of a legacy in the judo community.  His family has produced 7 Olympians and over 100 National champions.   RJ offers amazing instruction and shares all of his training techniques.  RJ is also a constant student of brazilin jiu jitsu so he can offer a diverse judo experience for his students.  Judo can provde the MMA player the opportunity to dominate within the clinch without the obvious approach seen by the wrestler.  Although shooting in for a double or single leg takedown is a fundamental that can not be ignored, judo training offers subtle options.  Here is a great conditioning drill to add into your program.


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