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Explosive Drill to Improve Throwing/Takedowns

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RJ Cohen a member of the Cohen Judo Club with locations throughout the Chicago-land area has an impressive grasp of how strength training needs to integrate sport specific applications for judo players.  Judo is becoming more popular in the MMA community.  Karo Parisyan, a 4 time International Judo Champion and MMA fighter has demonstrated the... Read more »

Diary of a POW Intern

Earlier this year I was approached by the Internship Director of the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois Chicago.  Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley one the Clinical Assistant Professors and Director of Internships approached me at POW because of the growing interest in the sport of MMA. UIC’s program has been enhancing their... Read more »

Shawn Tompkins Died at 37

Yesterday, Sunday, August 14th Shawn Tompkins died at 37 years old.   Tompkins a respected MMA trainer was found dead in Canada.  The death has been confirmed by his wife Emile.  Tompkins is a respected trainer.  He is most known for being a mentor to Mark Hominick and Sam Stout (his brother in law). According to... Read more »

A Basic Open Guard Pass with Dino Costeas

If you practice Brazilian jiu jitsu you know that the guard can truly define a practitioner. Open guard passes are not easy. Dino Costeas, a diversified and respected jiu jitsu instructor has an intuitive know-how when it comes to passing, not to mention a brilliant guard. He is an amazing coach.  Here is Dino instructing... Read more »