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Upper Body Power Training

Here my client using a 14 pound mecine ball.  The starting position should be either in a fighting stance or a shoulder width position.  Unless you are doing it from a fighting stance, in which case your elbows will be alongside your body, I like this drill with the elbows out.
This is a great exercise for building upper body power and strength.  It is fundamental to those who train in the combat sports.  This plyometric also builds coordination and helps to reinenforce the concept, ‘keep your hands up.’  If you seek more punching power, give this exercise a try.  I do series of 30 second... Read more »

Chuck Liddell, Early Career Fight, 30 Minutes Long 1 Round!

The sport of MMA has come such a long way. Chuck Liddell is an experienced martial artist, training in styles such as Kempo Karate, Koei-Kan, Kickboxing and, of course, all that comprises mixed martial arts. His Pro career record is 21 and 8. He has collected five of his eight career losses in the 4 years, mostly due to KO/TKO. Rich Franklin won in the 1st, Mauricio Rua also in the 1st and Rashad Evans in the 2 nd round, Keith Jardine by decision and Quinton Jackson in the 1st...

Tire Training, Achieving the Perfect Fighting Stance

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This drill is a cool variation on shadow boxing. I use a tire sometimes to work on balance and maintaining my center of gravity. This tire is the perfect size for me. It is also a great way to work on circular movement. It can help you learn how to move right and left. If... Read more »

3 Great Footwork Drills

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This movie includes 3 footwork drills. They can easily be incorporated into any type of combat sports class. They are excellent for classes that have circuit work. Of course you can hone your stance and footwork on your own by doing these solo. As your footwork becomes more fluid, you will reap the benefits of... Read more »

Does Your Kid Love Ninjas & Legos?

It is unbelievable how long legos have been around.  I can remember Sundays in the winter with my family centered around watching the World Wide of Sports while doing legos.  My brothers were obsessed with new castles, animals and ships.  But today LEGOLAND offers the most amazing sculptures.  I took my kids there this past... Read more »

Punching Power for Boxing/MMA A Simple Cable Exercise

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There are so many great exercises that enhance punching power.  Squat jumps for example will make your punches more powerful.  The power of a punch is generated from the legs.  In fact, the biomechanics of the punch begin with the muscles in your feet (off the ball of your foot) firing through the calf and... Read more »