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Kid's MMA is Not Appropriate

There have been a couple news stories that have covered kid’s MMA over the past five years (an NBC story). As a parent of 3, a PE teacher at The Chicago Montessori Academy, 4 time Black Belt, MMA school owner and writer who covered the UFC for 5 years for Ultimate Grappling Magazine, I still... Read more »

Develop Punching Power: Great for Cross-Training

There are so many fantastic sport specific exercises for boxing, muay thai, MMA and kickboxing.  I consider this to be a fundamental exercise.  It offers a true application of straight punches.  The difficulty with this exercise is that you need to know how to punch before adding it to your routine.  This exercise expects you... Read more »

Defend Against a Flash Mob Attack

I know there are many concerns about flash mob attacks.  Without sounding like my grandfather, What is this world coming to? Over 12 crimes involving large groups of men have been reported since the spring and around 29 people have been arrested.  Naturally Chicago’s Officials are concerned about its impact on Chicago tourism.  I am... Read more »

Fedor Vs Henderson at the Sear Center Goes on Pre-Sale Today at 10am

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker announced 5 days ago that a catch-weight, 220 lb matchup between Fedor Emelianenko (31-3) and Dan Henderson (27-8) will happen in our great city.  On July 30th the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates will showcase these two MMA icons.  It isn’t Fedor’s first time at the Sear Center, in fact last... Read more »