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MMA Fighter Nick Diaz Taking a Stab a Professional Boxing

Story Taken from: Yahoo Sports.  Written by  David King. Former boxing world champion Jeff Lacy wasted no time accepting MMA veteran fighter Nick Diaz’s challenge. Nick Diaz, who recently made his intentions to compete as a professional boxer known to MMA fans around the world, listed Lacy as someone he would be interested in fighting.... Read more »

Hockey Player Jumps From Ice to Cage

Story written by Joe yerdon on We have seen football players and wrestlers make the move towards the octagon.  I am surprised it took this long for a hockey player to move over to the mat and focus his aggression in mixed martial arts applications. When you’re an enforcer in the new NHL it’s... Read more »

Elvis Was a Martial Artist

What is not to love?   Elvis  was a huge proponent of the martial arts.  Elvis studied martial arts because he felt it would benefit his life overall.  He did not pursue it for movie roles or Hollywood status.  He first began karate in 1958 after he was drafted into the Army.  While stationed in... Read more »

My Personal Experience with Fight Scene Training

My Personal Experience with Fight Scene Training
(Me and Daniel Pesina during filming of MK II) I wrote yesterday’s blog about how freerunning is an ideal hobby for people wanting to pursue a career as a stunt person or action star. The entertainment industry requires a wide range of specific skills for action scenes.  But if fight scene choreography peaks your interest... Read more »

Freerunning, Better Suited For Fight Scene Choreography

I will always promote the martial arts as the most amazing and comprehensive training experience.  But I marvel when I watch freerunning or parkour.  Although it is easy to combine these two hobbies, you do not need to have martial arts or gymnastics skills in order to learn freerunning. For today’s aspiring martial arts styled stuntmen,... Read more »