Pacquiao May Take Worst Beating of Life From Margarito

sn_paq_poster_200.jpg60 Minutes featured Manny Pacquiao last night.  It was a fascinating interview.  Pacquiao now a Congressman in the Philippines spoke about being the greatest boxer of all time and possibly the future President of the Philippines.  Pacquiao is clearly one of the greatest boxers and has been key in keeping the sport alive as it continuously competes against MMA.  So many of us fell for Pacquiao when he beat Oscar de la Hoya on December 6th, 2008.  Pacquiao was dominant in every way and demonstrated how both his hands are power packed.  His career has brought him the following titles.
• WBC Flyweight World Champion (112 lbs)
• IBF Junior Featherweight World Champion (122 lbs)
• The Ring Featherweight World Champion (126 lbs)
• WBC Super Featherweight World Champion (130 lbs)
• The Ring Junior Lightweight World Champion (130 lbs)
• WBC Lightweight World Champion (135 lbs)
• The Ring Junior Welterweight World Champion (140 lbs)
• WBO Welterweight World Champion (147 lbs)
Pacquiao has many worried about his upcoming fight against Antonio Margarito.  They will fight for the vacant WBC superwelterweight title this weekend in Arlington, Texas in front of 60,000 boxing fans.  The event will be one of the more exciting draws boxing has had in a while.   Even Freddie Roach is concerned about Pacquiao’s over confident approach and preparation for the November 13th bout.  With so much of his time devoted to his political aspirations and endorsement deals, Pacquiao has not maintained a consistent training regiment.  Margarito is no Pacquiao, but he is not without talent, skill and purpose.  Pacquiao has won 9 the major titles in boxing because of his focus and devotion to training.  Margarito inches closer to the Cowboy Arena with singular focus and no distractions from his goal of beating the newest King of Boxing.
In 2009, Margarito was caught with hardened wrapped hands before his fight against Shane Mosely.  The wet pads within the wrapping amounts to a plaster like material over the fists.  This serious offense has labeled Margarito as a cheater to many boxing fans.  Hard to believe it was an honest mistake, which is why his license was revoked by the California State Athletic Commission (panel voted 7-0 for revocation). 
Margarito is being touted as being in the best shape of his career.  Many boxing disciples do not see November 13 as a cake-walk for the Philippine’s Congressman.  According Dave Lahr, writer for, “he [Pacquiao] does not have the size, the chin or the ability to stand and trade with a big fighter like Margarito.”
Saturday will reveal a lot about The Pacman as a fighter – whether he really can fine tune his singing voice over doing pad work and still win a 12 round bout. Or if he – like every other Best of All Time Boxer , has to remain committed to the training regiment that earned World titles in multiple weight classes. I always pick emotionally, I think Pacquiao will win by KO in the 9th, but suffer his worst beating.

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  • Pacquiao has a chance to be the greatest of all time!!! Margarito should be banned from boxing for his cheating! That has no place in boxing!!! In Mexico, PacMan is known as the "devourer of Mexicans" in Mexico!!!

  • In light of James Toney's MMA defeat, I was wondering whether, in an MMA style match between you and Manny Pacquaio (or other star boxer of equal or near equal weight as you), who do you think would be more likely to win?

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