UFC 121 - Cain Velasquez Please Win.

brockcain_medium.jpgMany are touting Cain Velasquez’s pursuit of the title tonight on UFC 121 PPV as a conquest to be the first Mexican-American Heavyweight Champ.  I am less concerned about a fellow Latino holding the title and more focused on the right type of man to repreent the heavyweight division.  Velasquez is without a doubt, the better suited fighter for this role.
With that being said, Brock Lesnar does hold the title and it is his third title defense.  Lesnar’s stats say he is 264 lb, but he will still walk in tonight with at least 40-60 pounds on Velasquez.  Both wrestler styled fighters with heavy hands could give immature fans a main event at the Honda Civic Center in Anaheim, CA a show worth the price of admission (today they are 4129 to $1599 a seat).  Velasquez will come better conditioned and with a more diverse set of skills to rely on, but if Lesnar can gain a position on him like he did with Mir (during UFC 100), pin him to the ground and pound, our Latin MMA Hopeful may sit longer, as simply another top 10 fighter.
Lesnar does play his game smart. He paces himself well, but when he is pushed, which he surely should be by Velasquez, then Lesnar will be at risk of losing the belt.  In order for Velasquez to win tonight, he needs to be careful about using his legs to make up for the 4 inch reach difference and simply push the action.  If he can maintain a steady offensive presence with many effective offensive bursts, he will exhaust the champ.  I believe this type of pressure will be compounding and make Lesnar’s primary skills, heavy hands and takedowns – benign.

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