Should Shannon Briggs Retire?

Shannon Briggs fought Vitali Klitschko this past weekend.  Briggs got beaten badly.  WBC Heavyweight Champ Klitschko entered the fight with the title and a similar fight record to Briggs – Klitschko is 41 and 2 with 38 KO, and Briggs is 51 and 6 with 45 KO.  Briggs left the fight with a concussion, fractures to both cheekbones and his nose, and a torn left bicep.  This trauma occurred over 12 rounds (decision 120-107, 120-107, 120-105) and Briggs who says he will be back in the ring as soon as he can expressed-, “I may be ugly, but I am fine…I have showed that I am a champion.”  
Briggs’ poor sense of reality demonstrates he is not fine and there is no way of looking at last Saturday night’s bout and determining the American gave a  champion-like performance.  Briggs looked completely unconditioned, out of shape and slow .  Taking that type of beating does not earn you much in my book- even if you are the third guy ever to go the distance with Klitschko.  I did hope for more for Briggs, although I am a bigger fan of Klitschko.
But the question to me is not so much whether the ref, Brit Ian John-Lewis let it go too far – but what Briggs and his management were thinking?  How did Team Briggs allow him to waltz into the ring in Berlin, Germany looking like he did.  Haven’t they ever seen what Klitschko looks like and tape on his overall skill set?
These are all the pictures I could find from the fight.

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