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Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons II, Tonight Showtime, Diaz Will Win!

Let us recap what happened in November of 2007, when Nick Diaz lost to KJ Noons: great combos, fast hands, BAM! flurry, Noons POW!, Diaz got knocked down and cut.  Diaz’ eye does not stop bleeding, fight doc stops it, fighters mouth off to eachother, confrontation, and now the stage is set for a highly... Read more »

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique of the Month

So there are so many great BJJ techniques out there, but I really love this arm lock.  Lyndon Viteri is a highly talented instructor here in Chicago.  He offers a quick and simple explanation of a cool intermediate level armbar. Viteri is one of Dino Costeas’s instructors, but he teaches a few places throughout the... Read more »

Best Martial Arts Halloween Costumes- For Kids & Adults  $19.99 / This is a great costume because it remembers how many little girls take martial arts.  This a great way for a girl who loves martial arts to be a ninja, but cute at the same time.
It is hard to believe, but Halloween is a stone’s throw away.  If you are going to be hitting parties starting next week, you might want to start thinking about your costume.  I have a great list of ideas for you if you are martial arts fan.  There are some adorable options for kids and... Read more »

I am the Original Kitana and No, It Won't Be My Halloween Costume

I played the roles of Kitana, Meleena and Jade in the live action video game Mortal Kombat II.  The game was made using blue screen technology, which was extremely progressive back in 1992-1995.  The game was originally filmed for the upright arcade game that required quarters and competed against the Street Fighter, shooting games and... Read more »

Best Martial Arts Movie Posters (If Best=Bad=Cheesy)

These martial arts movie posters are awesome! They are the best, if best means bad with a side of cheesy.  I would hang any of these in my school (and some already are).  They offer humor, visuals that characterize the comedic side of kung fu theatre and tag lines that clearly were not written by... Read more »

MMA Featherweight Division Rocks! Jose Aldo, Wins.

Jose Aldo, now 18-1 made WEC 51 well worth the time.  The WEC is essentially a showcase of the lighter-weight divisions in the sport of mixed martial arts.  Four to six years ago the UFC offered stacked light heavy and heavyweight divisions and now the most talented division belongs to the featherweights. Aldo has had... Read more »

20 of the Best MMA T-Shirts & Where to Buy Them

If you have time to go shopping online this weekend for some new training clothes you may want to consider some of my picks of t shirts and tank tops.  I tried to find pictures of many of my all time favorites from when I have traveled to Tokyo to visit the house of Sakuraba... Read more »