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EA Sports MMA Game Brings Fedor vs Couture to Life

Finally a game that presents MMA right – only a portion of EA Sports MMA game is fighting. Developed by the guys who created Madden Football, this one takes the MMA role playing to a new level.  The fact that it has so many other components like training, studying specific moves and trying out for... Read more »

UFC 121 - Cain Velasquez Please Win.

Many are touting Cain Velasquez’s pursuit of the title tonight on UFC 121 PPV as a conquest to be the first Mexican-American Heavyweight Champ.  I am less concerned about a fellow Latino holding the title and more focused on the right type of man to repreent the heavyweight division.  Velasquez is without a doubt, the... Read more »

Should Shannon Briggs Retire?

Shannon Briggs fought Vitali Klitschko this past weekend.  Briggs got beaten badly.  WBC Heavyweight Champ Klitschko entered the fight with the title and a similar fight record to Briggs – Klitschko is 41 and 2 with 38 KO, and Briggs is 51 and 6 with 45 KO.  Briggs left the fight with a concussion, fractures... Read more »

I Was Bullied, Martial Arts Helped Me

20/20 on ABC featured a story last night, Friday, October 15th on bullying. We have heard a lot of about various of forms of bullying this year, stories of intimidation and ridicule children over clothes, style, looks, sexual orientation, school associations or size.  These are only a few examples of how children prey on eachother.... Read more »

Need a Last Minute Costume: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

When I was a senior in high school I was assigned to helping out a 3rd grade class with the Halloween parade.  At that point, I had been doing martial arts for almost 7 years and was a fan of every martial arts film. Although The Karate Kid was inspirational, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes... Read more »

Make Your Own Ninja Costume for Halloween

If you are short on dollars for this Halloween or need a last minute idea for a party check out these sites that offer a step by step guide to making our own ninja costume.  Although the general concept of a ninja outfit seems simple, it is important to do more than black jogging pants... Read more »

Bruce Lee - 12 Best Pictures

Although Bruce Lee is known for the system Jeet Kune Do (JKD), he trained in several disciplines and preached the need to integrate a mixture of martial arts.  Whether you are fan of his films or his iconic presence as a martial artist, you know that he is probably the single most influencial person in... Read more »

Marathon Recovery Week 2 to 16- Cross Train

So you are approaching the 7th day after the marathon.  Hopefully your body is feeling less stiff and your aches and pains are disappearing.  Whether you are going to prepare for the Las Vegas or Honolulu Marathons in December, or simply just take the winter off from running – you should be thinking about how... Read more »

Marathon Recovery Day 2- IT Band and Hip Pain?

As I mentioned yesterday, there are several phases to recovering and rebuilding the body after running a marathon.  I am featuring two activation stretches/exercises that you can do with the foam roller.  They are different than the typical foam roller exercises in that they are focused on the muscles firing properly.  In re-engaging this relationship... Read more »

Immediate Marathon Recovery

You should have some gamplan for your body post Chicago Marathon.  This recovery process begins the moment you finish.  As you cross the finish line you should be emotionally and mentally flooded with accomplishment. I am going to feature a three stage game plan for restoring optimal health for your body and how to monopolize... Read more »