Unsanctioned MMA is Bad for the Sport

Thumbnail image for 1040.jpgThe efforts being made by Marc Ratner, UFC VP Regulatory Affairs and Dana White, UFC President are truly appreciated.  Their battle against the Bob Reily’s of the world, NY Assemblyman who is fighting against its legalization, has been hindered by several outfits that produce unsanctioned events.  Their brigade against conservative legislators, whose campaign is predicated on MMA being unsafe and violent, is damaged when any combat sporting event is produced without sanction or official support of the local Athletic Commission.  The efforts of Ratner and White are undermined when anyone holds an unsanctioned event.  

  • In 2009, two men were accused of holding an unsanctioned amateur MMA tournament in a strip mall in Zephyrhills, Florida. They admitted to hosting the event when interviewed by police.
  • The presence of an Underground Combat League in New York was exposed earlier this summer.  They were holding amateur unsanctioned MMA fights.  They were promoted by Peter Storm who boosts that they have only 4 rules, compared to UFC’s 44 rule list.
  • A Duluth promoter Chuck Horton was suspended and given a $5000 fine for hosting several boxing events without the commission’s support.
  • Most recent are the Shine Fights this past May, where fighters fell out of the ring.  The event did not follow the requirements of safety that are upheld when an event has the support of the local Athletic Commission.  See full story on the bleacherreport.com
  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/459321-why-the-ufcs-greatest-fear-is-shine-fights 

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