Recent MMA Topics- Inspired by the Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report has really become my source of entertaining reads on MMA and boxing.  I realize it may not be catered to a grown woman, but it has a lot of great contributors.  I have decided to weight in on some of their stories from the past week or so.  I figured it would be a great way to see if you have any dialog you want to add and highlight some stories I have enjoyed reading over the past week.
1.  BJ Penn and Matt Hughes are possibly going to fight for a third time.  Both UFC greats as far as I am concerned, despite their drastically different level and type of talents.  I agree with writer Bryan Levick (see link below) who can’t help but think that this is just a chance for Penn to take a less rigorous training approach and be less concered with triming down and tighening up.  He knows what he is in for and knows exactly what to expect.  The preparation for this fight should not require a tremendous amount of film study or planning for the unknown.  Hughes, although continuing to train, is not evolving his skills as quickly as other up and coming fighters like Frankie Edgar for exmaple. Hughes has nothing to lose and should see another decent pay day as he inches closer to his day of retirement.
2.  Andrew Gladstone wrote a cool piece that looked at which fighters from MMA could make a smooth transition into the sport of boxing.  There are many MMA fighters who have natural talent with their hands.  Although there are serious adjustments to make, for example, blading your stance and learning how to throw all the same power punches, but with an effective jab; it can be learned much quicker than I believe a boxer can pick up all the other aspects of MMA.  Of all the fighters Gladstone mentions I agree with Anderson Silva, Gegard Mousasi and Dominick Cruz.  I am not saying I do not agree with the other nominees, but these three fighters have the right combination of head movement, hand skills, chin and footwork.
3.  Derek Bolender compiled a very concise list of MMA’s five most underrated fighters.  This is always a hard list to make.  Because if you are a regular follower of the sport of MMA and understand the game on an intimate level you probably recognize some of hte men on Bolender’s list, but if you are a recent transition to the fanbase from WWE or boxing, then they are definetly underrated and fairly unknown.  The most likely fighters on his list to gain followers soon is Hector Lombard who fights for Bellator.  He has a record of 27-2-1, but won his last 15 fights in a row.  He is a solid striker and looks good when he fights.  Then there is Evan Dunham who recently beat Tyson Griffin from Xtreme Couture.  This win surprised me – I expected Tyson with his tree-trunk legs to withstand more and finish.  Dunham was noticed during UFC 115 by the fans.  He is currently undefeated which makes him marketable for his next fight.  I actually had to look up Jussier Da Silva.  I do not think this 123 pound fighter will ever get much notoriety.  His weight class gets little attention which is a shame because the lighter weight classes demonstrate the real explosivity of the sport.

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