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Cauliflower Ear, Do Fighters Wear it as a Badge?

Why do fighters perserve their cauliflower ear?  Cauliflower ear is a deformity that is repairable.  It results from head trauma to the side of the head on the tissue of the ear which leads to a ‘perichondrial hematoma.’  Essentailly this medical terms means there is a ton of blood trapped between the cartilage in the... Read more »

Story from Bleacher Report: Top Ten Fighters to Never Win UFC Belt

Spencer Tucksen put together a great list of MMA fighters on the Bleacherreport that have never won the belt in the UFC.  I am sure it was hard to decide on only ten.  He says he was inspired by Kenny Florian’s loss at UFC 118 to Gray Maynard.  I am not sure I agree that... Read more »

"MMA Too Violent," Says Reilly - NY Battling Hard for MMA

A good interview was on HDNet’s Inside MMA show this past Friday.  Bob Reilly was interviewed on his position on MMA.  Reilly is holding strong on his position that it is too violent and that “violence begets violence.”  Bas Rutten, host of Inside MMA uses the number of injuries in boxing compared to MMA as... Read more »

Headlines from the Web: Boxers Want in the Cage

Only James Toney could go to MMA, like ”  “Only Nixon could go to China.” Words from the great Spock given to Capain Kirk.  We have seen Toney get a shot at Randy Couture recently, but now Manny Pacquiao.  There is no question that Couture’s camp thought through the possibility of Toney’s very best landing... Read more »

10 of the Greatest Kicks in MMA

I had ti throw it in - it is so awseome every time you look at it - inspiration for probably most of these fighters shown above.
Kicks are a difficult tool to use in MMA.  They expose a fighter to everything allowed inside the cage.  However, when they are thrown perfectly, they are the prettiest thing in MMA.  You just can not go wrong with seeing long legs stretch across the canvas towards an opponent and land with accurancy and precision.... Read more »

15 Bloody Moments in MMA

I am not one that loves the bloody outcome of battle that occurs at times from inside the cage. I do not hope for it and take no true comfort in seeing a man bleed.    In fact, I am on the anti-elbow side of the MMA community.  Personally, I feel they cause too much bleeding,... Read more »